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One autumn evening, Raven finds Princess Celestia sound asleep in the middle of her work. Wanting to lend a helping hoof, Raven takes the time to make sure the snoozing mare is more comfortable.

A plain fluffy companion piece to So Maybe. No knowledge of that story is needed to enjoy this one, but they are related. Now available in Russian here and here thanks to the work of NovemberDragon, Randy1974, and Nuclear-Pony-Jack. Buy this story! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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i don't know why but when I first saw the icon I thought Celestia was dead

nah fam she's just sleeping
raven wouldn't be the one to hide the body anyway

well its a lovley story good job

It's pretty annoying that the only place you can see a story's rating in on the main story page or if it's blurbed. It won't show up on the chapters and it won't show up in your feed. Kind of an oversight for M stories especially.

Cute, compact and Celestia. Fluffiness overload.

Wait, it won't show up in a feed? I wasn't aware that happened. I just thought it hid the first 10 votes to help the story.

Thank ya kindly!

Nope. In a feed it shows the full story description, not the short description, but it doesn't note the rating.

On the front page it uses the short description so the rating shows there.

Isn't that what the function was intended to do, though?

I love the line “Somepony had spilled the Princess on the floor.”

Thank you! I try for unusual phrases to keep myself from getting bored, among other things! Also, she's a big girl, so she's gonna spill.

And with this, my heart has now gone on to sweeter pastures. Oh, how sweet this is.

m o l a s s e s s w e e t

I'm just saying it should show up anywhere the story does, except maybe for featured works.

Hm, that might help more.

No problemo, my dude.
Maybe on Mondays she's evil, but isn't everyone?

This was an awfully sweet image :heart::rainbowkiss:

Thank you! I hope someone gets a cavity reading this.


I'm more of a Tuesday evil person myself. But that aside, this was sweet and fluffy. Guess even Celestia needs to nap sometimes.

Any day of the week is evil if you put your mind to it!

read live in stream, and was the big cute.

tbh I actually quite liked this

thank you! hope ya like ALL MY WORDS :>

A nice, fluffy story indeed. Sometimes that's all a person needs to read.

Upon spotting a few dribbles of ink elsewhere, she decided to clean those up to.


Once she gave a few ore careful tugs to the blanket,


aaah, thanks for the corrections! and here i thought this one was spotless.

aww thats sooo cute! raven your a sweetheart

She's just socially anxious and feels she is overstepping her boundaries. There's also not wanting to wake up Tia!

Short & Sweet

The chapter title pretty much sums up my thoughts for the story. Adorable.

Thank you again for reading one of my stories! This one was a lotta alliteration fun.

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