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Sunset Shimmer learns to play guitar.

Author's note: Even though Sunny is crying in the picture this isn't a super-sad story. You shouldn't need any tissues. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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This was pretty good. Take a like and favorite. :twilightsmile:


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I like this story , not one line of dialog and yet so full of life ... I love it


Aww, thanks! :heart:

Huh, this is a really neat bit of tone and character building. You don't often see a whole lot of Sunset Shimmer fics set before the films nor ones that explore her history with music, and you did a good job with both of those.

(For some reason I imagined this song in my head when she started playing. It's not even an acoustic guitar but whatever)


Thank you! This idea popped into my head about a day or two ago (I don't remember, oops) and wouldn't leave, so I decided to make another flash-fiction one shot. Plus, I really couldn't stop thinking about where she learned how to play guitar since it didn't seem like something she would have learned in Equestria as Celestia's student.

And it's cool that the song isn't guitar, I'm no music expert myself to the point where I probably shouldn't be allowed to even hum. It does sound like it does have some kind of string instrument though. :applejackconfused:

But I do think Sunset sleeps on a floor somewhere, poor girl.

These are some of my favorite types of stories. Just one character doing a simple task, yet in the process we learn a lot about them. As others have stated, it's especially interesting to think of what it was like for Sunset in the human world, prior to the events of the Equestria Girls series.

A pleasant read. I should play a bit more myself. My Martin's been a bit lonesome in the corner.

It's name is Rarity, amusingly.


I love these stories as well. Thank you for reading. :twilightblush:


Oh my gosh thank you, Princess Cynewulf!

Senpai noticed me~! :pinkiegasp:

Wow, that was...amazing. You got my like :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much! :heart:

Great read, I'm sure anyone who learned to play the guitar would like to read this too, as it's described well. It's easy to image Sunsert using music to release her emotions.

Awe, this was sweet. :twilightsmile:

I have a lovely shelf with 21 stories on it. You know what's on it? Your stories.

7914753 I've had too many interruptions in my quest so far xD

Great story about Grade 8 Sunset! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for reading! :)

This was a nice fic, though I noticed a few small errors that can be patched up easily:

It had only been a few months since stumbled through the mysterious surface of the mirror and the culture shock was overwhelming at times. She didn't talk to anyone else in Canterlot Jr. High. She didn't want to worry about anything, especially not all the exams coming up before the end of the last year here (her first in this world) ended and she moved up to Canterlot High.

You accidentally skipped your noun/pronoun on the first sentence.

Now, when she played those for meager chords it sounded a bit clearer, even if her fingers were stiff. Soon the corner of her little room was filled with a few shaky notes. Somehow her fingers didn't get entangled in the strings.

I might just not be understanding something here, but is it supposed to be "those for meager chords" or "those four meager chords"?

Words had never come, even in her own mind she wouldn't-no couldn't-communicate what was going through her head and what she felt everyday but only bottled up.

You might want to space out the hyphens here; right now it looks more like a fusion of words than an interruption of thought.

This was pretty cute. I think a follow-up post-Fall Formal (maybe also after Rainbow Rocks?) would be pretty sweet.

Either way, this was really quite pleasant.

Thanks for reading! This one hasn't gotten any comments in a while, but that always makes it kind nicer. This one was just meant as a little snapshot/headcanon-flexing to have about how a horse girl learned guitar. I don't know if I'll do more with EqG stuff, but I did write Sunny here in one other story (Her Own Sky) and the sirens, if that interests you.

It definitely looks up my alley (admittedly, that isn't particularly challenging when Sunset is involved, but shhhhh)!

Well, Sunny is a good bean. I hope you like 'em if you get around to them!

Great story. Sunset basically using the guitar to deal with her feelings of abandoning her mentor and being in the human world

The symbolism is intense in this one. 🙃

Shim-sham is excellent for symbols and puns. She's the wayward sun bacon gal.

She should put that on her Twitter bio

a b s o l u t e l y

This kept her busy, or at least it would if she learned to play right. Sunset hadn't bothered to 'borrow' any music books from the school. At least she had gotten the guitar for free. She really couldn't understand why somep— one , why some one would want to throw it away.

Sometimes people just don't have a use for it anymore or interest for that matter.

True, but it is a perfectly good musical instrument. Might as well donate that shit.

I actually do plan on donating some of my own stuff to a goodwill soon in the future.

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