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Sunset Shimmer struggles with keeping a regular diary. She seems to have trouble with a lot of things related to life in Canterlot, but that can't be right. Canterlot was supposed to be the fairy tale life and dream come true for the aspiring archmage.

Perfection be damned, as long as Sunset doesn't fall short, that's what matters. She is the Faithful Student and the shining light of the castle. What she is not is a failure.

At least Princess Celestia will always be there for her.

Won’t she?

Cover art by CastASpellLiana on Deviantart. Spiritual companion to Atelophobia, Bathophobia, and Autophobia. Reccommended by TCC56! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Holy #1 · Jan 5th, 2020 · · · Love ·

Not sure why, but I always really enjoy the diary stories. The little snippets of characterization and world-building work so well in the format and it made this one interesting even despite the length.

Thank you so much! I plan to have way more chapters, and they'll likely get longer with Sunnybun's age and the more complex her emotions and thoughts get for future Sunset to comment on. The world-building in this one was more of an attempt to ground Sunset's pony life in something. She does leave it behind one day (save for stuff with Tia and the like) but what did she have?

Diary stories are a blast, and I should have used that kinda funky formatting way more in the one previous poetry story (Autophobia)that dipped into it and such.

"What is your major malfunction? Were you not hugged enough as a foal?"

"...No. No, I wasn't."


Oh my god. Well, thanks for the amusing comment. I had my chuckle.

But yeah, a somewhat spoiled (at least later) child who just want to be snuggled and hugged a few metric fucktonnes.

Nice. It really gives the impression of poems written at different times in a young mare's life.

Thank you! So far they’re all her early foal-hood before, with future Sunny’s reflections mixed in.

I liked the use of nonstandard capitalization here!

i don't think anypony else knows that same good feeling

Sunset started her emo phase early, I see.

This one comment sums up all my poetry on the site

You have no idea

This was a nice showing of Sunset's ambition. By her own admition, she has everything she should want, but it's sooo not enough.

Roller skates ain’t cheap

This is the best so far. I'd always wondered how Sunset could prefer to live in the human world, but this might explain why. It adds another dimension to her character.

Thank you! I honestly hadn't thought of this poem as the best so much as one of the more important ones. My favorite poem in Sunny's story (so far) is easily Sunnybun. I had a couple favorite bits from this one, but Sunnybun just happens to be my personal favorite.

That was a cute chapter

I would rather go to horseapples and tartar sauce than ever fail.


Pony swear words and attempts at not swearing are an absolute riot to write.



Also, I realized that I've faved a bunch of your stories and have quite a few more on my read later list, but that I wasn't following you. That has been remedied.

A wise choice indeed. Especially having stories of mine on your read it later. I hope you enjoy those.

Nice! but I don't think there was enough rhyming. A little more would do the trick.

Edit: sorry if I sound rude.

Did you commission that artwork?

You don't sound rude. Though, this does happen to be free-verse. You don't need rhyming for that.
Nope. Why do you ask?

I'm confused. Why is this story labeled as poetry when some of it is in prose? Is it just you getting lazy, or is it a literary element that I'm not getting?

But still, I do like the story

Also, I asked if you commissioned that artwork because it was just too fitting and I just wanted to make sure, you know?

I tend to add a couple bits of prose when perspectives are switched in stories like this. I’d recommend just looking up free-verse too.

The art being too perfect is why I used it.

I think this is one of my favorite chapters

Keep it up and this is going to end up on my user page.

Is that a challenge?


If it gets you to keep writing and finish this gem, then yes :duck:

Then I’ll take it as one. Originally this was going to update today, but instead my other, related Sunset story did. I have an update buffer for this that goes until May though.

Wow! That last chapter was good!

Thank you very much! I hope the story continues to keep your interest.

There's some serious anger in the last three lines. Well done.

Sunset is always the angriest girl. Bacon horse has to get c r i s p y somehow.

Did I ever mention that I love literature, along with physics? This was an absolute joy to read. It was fun figuring out what each chapter was trying to tell, and for that, this has been given a fave, a like, and a tracking.

You're welcome.

Thanks very much! This story hasn't been getting a lot of attention, so it's great to get notifications for comments and faves on it.

10240705 I’m not sure about the ethics of comment section wagers but...
I certainly would like forty dollars.

Just finished reading it.
Not sure if it's because I have a taste for books writen in the first person, but LOVED IT. Sunset trying to put her emotions about her life and towards Celestia into words it's a nice good idea, and the chapters being short means it never overstays it's welcome.
Good Job.

Also, having Raven at the end it's a nice little bonus to me since I love Raven Inkwell. Thank you for remembering her~

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I understand first person isn’t for everyone, but knowing you enjoyed it is awesome. I have a couple other stories that feature Raven too.

Which ones?!
gimme gimme gimme

Wait... I think I have read them all already.
"So maybe" and "Sweet Sleepy Sunshine", right?

Some don't have her tagged if she's not a main character, but I always add the stories to this group if they feature her.

I'll get to them evetually then.
I plan to (try to) read everything in that group! Eventually...

I’m excited for you to come back after the hiatus :pinkiehappy: I love the cliffhanger ending! It leaves off with a bit of anticipation but the anticipation isn’t so great that knowing the ending is all consuming. Very well written :twilightsmile:

Thanks! It'll come off hiatus after I've made progress on my main project, Enemy of Mine. I already have some of the future poems written and the rest of the story is outlined, so it's not 'hiatus as a euphemism for canceled' I just can't focus on so many stories at once when one is long overdue for TLC. It will likely take a few months, but this will be back on track with a buffer of updates eventually.

That makes sense. Good luck with your project!

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