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Sometimes, it's very quiet in the castle...

Set before the events of the show. Now has a review (with spoilers) by the Reviewer's Cafe! There's two readings to this story too, one here and here! Cover art by MagnaLuna.

Now readable in Russian here, and here thanks to Doof Ex Machina! Also has a spoiler-y review you can check out here.

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Not as spoopy as I thought it'd be but it was good nonetheless.

Tbh, I was too into the glorious present tense and beautiful imagery to actually notice what was going on...

Then, it hit me after. :fluttershbad:

What he said. What's going on in this story?

7736983 Luna is going through some stuff - mutisim, stress, etc.



Fairly major spoiler here. Anyone who hasn't read the story, read the story first.

This story is not set in Modern Equestria. It's set a bit more than a thousand years before Episode One...

I have no words to describe this fic other than superb.


imperial beyond beleif

Don't know why nobody pointed this out. Anyway, there is a typo.

By the way, I understand what you were going for in the full context, but I still have no idea what you're going for. Was it meant to be harsh?

7801460 Luna is succumbing to insanity.

7802395 As highlighted by the message of the entire story. I could already tell it was pre-NMM, though it was just a hunch.

7738612 wait, that's supposed to be a twist? it seemed pretty obvious from the get-go

Hey there!

I very much enjoyed the interpretation of Luna's descent into madness all those years ago; it was never really something I took into consideration in terms of lore. I really enjoyed this story, so I produced a dramatic reading of it among my Halloween specials for this month. Hope you enjoy! ^_^
Check it here!


Oh my gosh! I actually ended up missing the notification to this because I didn't get one. A spoopy Friday the 13th reading in the 13th comment on one of my spoopy stories? This is great and extremely unexpected (also spooky) and thank you for it! I've added it to the description! :D

Author Interviewer

Excellent! :D

Oh no, you're digging deeper into the abyss of my stories

Please don't stop

Oh hey she’s going mad~

This feels rather similar to my own episodes of sensory overload. Where everything feels too loud and too much and how can they stand it and-

Well done.

That's what this was meant to showcase: symptoms aligning with things like panic attacks, sensory overloads, and a coming mental breakdown (which would be in the form of Luna's Fall). Thanks for reading!

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