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This story is a sequel to Twitch

Princess Celestia will always hold herself with unfaltering grace.

Set before the events of the show. This story is a stand-alone sequel. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Mmmm I love that tasty, atmospheric, contemplative word vomit :)

You heard it hear, folks. Jack of a Few Trades likes to eat vomit.

Now, write her smack around Luna's gun.

This was a good story, but I disagree with the idea that Twilight is a crack nut and that's how she's able to read so many books that quick. It's very outside the canons of the show for her to do drugs of any kind, and I don't think her speed-reading abilities matter enough to be explained. Despite that one critique, this is quite the voreable story. Color me impressed!

Love for a sequel.

…Twilight isn’t in this story.

I'm a sucker for any kind of Celestia introspection, and this one delivers. That music box comparison? Chilling.

They could pour their whole lives into a single craft, and every skill passed down for generations would not come close to the gifts she wore.

sgeez, tell us how you really feel you glue colored christmas ornament.

At its center, none would find anything as rich as a core nor as weak as a heart.

Ironic then that it's a group of hearts that saves your ass over and over and over and over again. Say hi to those bloody vines your godliness.

All beauty was derived from perfection, and no perfection could be found in that which lacked unflinching order. Anything less was not the blessed mercy called Harmony that should be strived for, and anything more did not exist.

Pinkie Pie: exists
Celestia: Why do I hear boss music?

The might of her magic and the divinity she downplayed made such a thing nearly weightless in comparison.

Keep telling yourself that sunshine, maybe one day it'll reflect reality. I'm guessing this is well before Twilights time because hoo boy is this chick nothing but pretentiousness wrapped in god complex wrapped in condescension.

The description states it is far before Twilight’s time and the whole story takes place in the Everfree castle.

Thank you! It was probably my favorite thing to shape the story around.

Then I guessed correctly.

Celestia really needs a good psychologist she sounds insane.

this and its companion piece work so well together--what with celestia's pride and ego here, and luna's growing instability and jealousy she's forced to hide in twitch.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Luna's piece was something I remember writing in one sitting, shortly after a panic attack of my own. This one was worked on somewhere over the course of a few days to weeks in various chunks. It was a very different process for each, but I'm always glad to see that they complement one another just as much as I intended.

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