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Cadance and Luna are both well aware of what a bat pony is, but Luna claims that they aren't real. What could the reason behind this possibly be?

Takes place sometime around Season Four. Reviewed and recommended by PresentPerfect. The review contains spoilers for the story! Buy this story! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Didn’t Fluttershy literally transform into one for an entire episode?

Looks like someone hasn't read the story.

i came expecting jokes, not deep Cadence/Luna bonding. 100/100.

You know I write that deep shit. 👉🕶👉

That's pretty fluff, yo!

A good story for sure. Sure there are plot holes like why the 'bat ponies' of the non-guards exist but maybe I didn't read carefully enough.

...but still really cool, yo!"





I have one question though, yo. Why does Cadance keep saying 'yo' in your stories with her and Luna? Not that I'm complaining.

Is it just something she does that you invented, or is she trying to sound cool in a horrible way?

It's just something she does when she's speaking very casually with ponies. She doesn't really do it with Celestia, for example, because she sees Luna as more of a peer, in a way, and Celestia as a mentor/family figure. She's a young, modern pony and has the tendency to be very, very informal, and it shows in how she talks. It's the same reason why she'd likely greet a friend with 'hey/hiya' or something more casual, cutesy, and silly than she would one of her subjects.

I think she only did it a couple times, at first, but it started becoming one of her more frequent verbal quirks when I wrote her, while Luna, Celestia, and Sombra all have their own as well.

(I'll actually sometimes say 'yo' like that as well, so I'm guilty as charged.)

tl;dr I guess that's the story? She's just speaking casually and is a silly pony.

I doubt she'd say yo, yo.

I don't remember any batponies that weren't guards.

She does, sometimes.
Same, actually! So, I'm not sure how the comment fits into things.

Commenting at you live from Bronycon. Faved :)

Replying at you from not Bronycon, you lucky fuck, enjoy your con and thanks for the fave!

Okay, still a bit weirded out by Cadance saying "Yo" but not bad. Not bad at all.

Honestly, every time someone draws attention to the mundane 'yo' in Cady's speech pattern, just gonna do this:


(and thanks for reading)

I like it! There's some distracting small errors, but it's a charming story. :twilightsmile:

I don't think I've ever heard Cadence say “yo” either, but it's certainly not the most outlandish thing I've ever heard about her. Or any of the other alicorns, for that matter. They seem to attract unusual folk stories for some reason. I guess that's what this story is about in the first place, really.

yo yo yo, ya yo-yo

i don't actually have anything to say, just saw that half the comments were about the 'yo' and couldn't get that out of my head so i put it down and now it's your problem not mine

I only have one thing to say to this story.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that bat ponies really don't exist in the series other then as armor (and even then only on Nightmare Night) and one botched spell. I think it's cool that the fandom has grabbed them and ran with them, but they pretty much only exist here.

That picture of Luna is just too adorable.

Nice to see other people noticed that! Now, don't get me wrong, I love some bat pony stories and ideas, but I'm personally far more interested in canon alternate races beyond the main three, like alicorns and crystal ponies.
Thanks! You have good taste in cover art. :raritywink:

There's always crystal ponies~
Shush, you nonexistent creature.

But I want bat ponies... :fluttercry:

*sees* 9075066 :pinkiegasp: :yay:

Hrm. Cynewulf writes great bat ponies, if you haven't checked out her stuff.

Author Interviewer

I am reading this right the fuck now

Liked the story, it's well written and the character interactions are interesting.

Still don't like the 'bat ponies don't exist' explanation though.

If you like it, I write more with these two and their silly shenanigans.

Can't help if it wasn't your cup of tea, though! :twilightsheepish:

There he goes, the madman!

TBH you have to be mad to enjoy my stories.

Author Interviewer

Sighing, Cadance tapped the art upon it lightly with a hoof. "Look at the cover, yo."


This is kinda my jam tho :B

Glad to hear that you liked it! :B

Not sure why you pointed out that line of dialogue in particular?

Author Interviewer

I don't get why Cadence was written the way she was. c.c

Also, I'll be honest, this wasn't quite as funny as I was hoping. :B It's just true.

I... always write her like this? Obviously she's more serious and fleshed out in my longer works, but that's to be expected? Hmm. I guess I don't really know how to explain that, because something's not occurring to me, so truth be told I'm actually kind of confused now.

The story wasn't really meant to be that funny, though. There's no comedy tag, just some lighthearted slice of life princess ponies.

Author Interviewer

I could've sworn I saw a comedy tag. @_@ Maybe it was just the yellow background on the cover art messing with me...

It might have been. I do admit, the title and cover art might have been something you'd more likely see on a comedy, but they're what I had in mind when writing. Also, you could be thinking of the comedy story 'Celestia Isn't Real' by Cynewulf... it could be viewed as similar?

Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoying my story. :)

It is true that "canon" bat ponies have never (properly) appeared in the show, but purportedly, more than one staff member on the show's crew have claimed that, as they see it, they DO totally exist in the show's world, envisioning them living in a cave network in the mountain that houses Canterlot. I believe even Lauren Faust shared this view. But for reasons never made clear, they haven't done anything to actually establish this in the show, as of yet. I suspect the higher-ups at Hasbro have something to do with it (they usually do on such matters).

In some ways I can live with that, though, because then that leave us, the fans, free to interpret them however we like, whether as existent or no (you're actually not the first I've seen to adopt the idea that they don't, but it still doesn't seem to be a popular idea). :twilightsmile:

Anyway, cute story, yo! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading! I don't follow most of the staff tweets and lore unless it's something I'm actually going to use in writing, so that 'headcanon' of the staff was also never known to me. And, eyyy, unpopular ideas are my thing! If you happen to like those, then I have seventy seven (as of now) more stories on this account that could interest you.

True! But it still tells me that there are people working on the show that'd totally make it real if given half the chance, and I figured it was interesting to note nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Well, thanks for sharing!

Hold on, if Luna's mojo, makes bat ponies, then why isn't Luna a bat pony?

Her... 'mojo'? Err, there's nothing about mojo in the story... unless you mean something different?

I'm actually really confused by what you're trying to say, sorry. :twilightblush:

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