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SCOTLAND.I've been a gamer as long as I can remember properly I enjoy FPS', RTS',TBS' and anything not sport based. Halo FTW.I also enjoy music i'm not that picky about genre and I play the violin.

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Well, I suppose I'm overdue for my anual crack at getting past writing my first chapter.

I wouldn't get your hopes up too much though, I've had trouble getting this thing off the ground due to IRL stuff before and with things the way they are right now with uni, even if I do start uploading chapters I probably wouldn't be able to keep up a regular schedule.

So all that to say: I'm gonna give it another go, but don't get your hopes up too far.

Hey bro, it's been 5 years but you gonna do what you said you were gonna do in the comments of "A changeling with a consciousness"?

Thanks for making such a nice little story.

:ajsmug: Thanks for adding So too, Shall This Pass to your libraries.

  • Viewing 113 - 117 of 117
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