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SCOTLAND.I've been a gamer as long as I can remember properly I enjoy FPS', RTS',TBS' and anything not sport based. Halo FTW.I also enjoy music i'm not that picky about genre and I play the violin.

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Lit, that's awesome! Thanks for responding btw.

Love your pfp, where's it from?

I was actually surprised to find out that I wasn't following you already. It was actually a re-read of 'Fimfic Writers Are In Your Bed that lead me o your page and I discovered, to mounting dread, that I hadn't yet been following you! Think of all the missed stories :fluttercry:. So I decided to swiftly remedy that so that I wouldn't miss out on any more :twilightsmile:.

  • Viewing 109 - 113 of 113
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