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Beep, hello i'm a new member here. I like to add my first story to this group but i have question before i post mine.
1. Why there is a folder called "main" on the folder list?
2. what's the different between military and non-military?

341189 Holy hell....Sounds a lot like me and my Iraq time...Only it was a tank that had C-4 strapped to the hatch...Only I lived since I had yet to get in the tank for my temp-pos as the gunner...I am so glad that I didn't...

341155 No, I can stand the site of an terrorist prematurely detonate and kill a few animals, But when it comes to planes and jumping out of them for a mission. Heh You'll have a better chance at getting me to say how much I weight. Some shit happened in Iraq and our JT (Jump Transport) runway had homemade C-4 under it and it blew up as the plane gained enough lift. And I literally shit my pants because the Bay doors were basically crunched in and my friend lost his right hand, thirteen teeth were surgically remove, and part of his eye.

Edit: We do sort of but most of them are in America dealing with remods.

340823 do you guys have your own aircraft and stuff?

340823 do you fly in the marines?

337776 Join the Marine Corps. and if you do and later on you want to go to college they will pay for all of your tuition and on top of that, they will pay you $1,250 per month. :twilightblush: I sorta joined the Marines because of that. And to carry on the family tradition.

Also, i can't add it to this group for some reason.

Hey everybody, I just posted a story, my first story. I would appreciate If you would check it out. I would like some feedback, it's not the best but its ok. I hope

337789 what's your favorite aircraft?

He's going to send his friends to bomb your house if he tells you; it's your choice.

337778 as a engineer sort of thing or like a mission commander?

Unfortunately I don't fly, but I do work with USAF and Navy pilots with mission related stuff.

337699 do you fly? And if so, what aircraft do you fly, and what is your favorite?

337699 anyone can join, but this group is only for military stories, but if you're in the military I have the utmost respect for you, you go out and fight for our country, I'm only 15 right now but I have given it some thought that If I was goin g to join the military, I would either fly an f-22, drive a tank or shoot the main gun, or be a navy seal.

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if I belong here, but I'm active duty in the Air Force (Does this count? :fluttercry:) and was wondering if I could still be a part of this group? If you don't believe me, look at my hair :rainbowlaugh:military cut

337444 Well, I'm currently out of town right now, and next week is Thanksgiving, the busiest work week of the year for my shop. But after that, we can just cruise till Christmas, so..expect some sorta update during that time.
I'm working on it when I can, I swear to Celestia!


335388 more blue angel??????? Wen?????

Hey guys, I'm not dead! I just posted a new thread, and if you see this comment I hope that you will go post on it especially if you are a halo fan

335320 Not with any accuracy, no. Next week I'll be working on it heavily, and the week after that I'll be outta town again. But dammit, I wanna get this arc done before the New Year, so we'll see :twilightsheepish:

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