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I work. I read. I work. I sleep. I work. I party. I work. I have sex. I work. I eat. I work. I lose my mind. I make no effort to find it and probably never will. Bananas.

So, Let Me Tell You a Bit About Myself

Name: Ambrosia M. Firehoof
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: White
Country Born In: Ireland
Current Country: United States
Current Job: Owner/Operator (2016 579 Peterbilt) @ ATS Specialized Transportation Inc. of St. Cloud MN
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
What I Like to Do in My Free Time: Play video games, watch movies, write, read, listen to music, and be a pony whore.
What I hate: Feet, Watersports, Scat, Liars, Thieves, CHILD MOLESTERS, and Snooty People.
The Stuff I like: Pretty much everything else. If you think that includes Drugs you would be dead wrong....I dislike them and always will.
Do I smoke Cigarettes? Not anymore
Do I Drink Alcohol? Yes, occasionally
Top 10 Ponies:
1: Tempest Shadow/Fizzle Pop Berry Twist
2: Applejack
3: Navorone (human/pony/winged psychopath.)
4: Rainbow Dash
5: Princess Luna
6: Scootaloo
7: Twilight Sparkle
8: Spitfire
9: Vinyl Scratch
10: Octavia Philharmonica
Top 10 Couples
1: Luna X Queen Chrysalis
2: Vinyl Scratch X Octavia Philharmonica
3: Twilight Sparkle X Derpy Hooves
4: Twilight Sparkle X Rainbow Dash
5: Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
6: Scootaloo X Sweetie Belle
7: Celestia X Discord
8: Lyra Heartstrings X Bon Bon
9: Applejack X Big MacIntosh
10: Twilight Sparkle X Shining Armor
So...Let's move on to some other things...
I enjoy BDSM. I am working towards my title of Master. I currently have one slave (my wife). We are dipping into the prospects of possible Polyamory. Haven't found any candidates yet. I have four children. A daughter (oldest), twin boys (middle), and our youngest son who arrived on the 16th of November 2018. I served two years as a combat engineer (12 Bravo!) in the United States Army (medically discharged for injuries...fuckin' IED's...). I made the lifestyle choice to become a trucker back in 2014. Made that a reality in 2015. Not ever going to change that choice now. I can almost tell you for certain that I will probably die behind the wheel of a truck because other people suck at driving. Anyway...I write when I can. Not making any promises though. I don't really get much time since I am out on the road almost 305 days or more a year. I essentially work about 70 hours a week since that is all that the Department of Transportation allows (fuckin' dicks...). Ummm...I guess I felt it was time to finally give this thing an update so yeah. Now you all know some shit. Stay pony my friends!

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If you want driving fics, Drive, Highway 502, and Turnpike will probably be to your liking.

You are welcome. I have exploring to do with all those stories you've wrote.

Thanks for the follow!

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