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Writing and ponies are the only things that have ever really inspired me other than any Disney film. All I have to say is: "If one door closes, look for a window to jump through..."

Plans and Progress . . .

Stories on Hiatus
LOST Little Ponies: Pilot
The Whooves Collection Episode #4: A Starlit Wreck
A Stranger to the World

Stories of Primary Focus
(undergoing revisions)
The Whooves Collection Episode #4: A Starlit Wreck
A Stranger to the World

Stories of Secondary Focus (Slower Updates Ahead)
LOST Little Ponies: Pilot
Of the Chosen

Ideas I'm Tossing Around
Fragmentation (1st Person, PoE, Romance, Human x Humanized Pony)
Difference (Slice of Life, Twilicorn, Celestia)
Aftermath (Slice of Life, Sad, Main 6)
The Universal Margin ((Title TBD) Slice of Life, Forbidden Romance, PoE, Human x Non-humanized Pony)
As if in a Dream (Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance, Human, HiE and PoE)
Of the Chosen (Adventure, Alternate Universe, Romance, Dark, Tragedy)


I'm sorry it's been so long... · 2:41am Apr 15th, 2015

Hey, guys and gals, fillies and colts, stallion and mares, etcetera etcetera...
I'm not dead!
(Thank goodness, I thought his stories would never be updated!)
Shut up, random voice!
Anyway, I know it's been a LONG LONG time, but life has a way of biting you in the hindquarters every so often. Story progress has been slow and arduous, and many ideas have been rewritten, scrapped, dug up, then rewritten again.
Currently I plan on rewriting "A Stranger to the World" from the ground up.

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1030391 Sorry. Yes, I did get it, but it's just that I've been swamped in work lately. Don't worry though, you'll get it before Friday. Psychopath's honor!

Hey Perceptive did you get the Chapter I sent you over the PM, cause it's been a while now?

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