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Dark Tempest

I'm back from the dead.


'Love is eternal. No matter who, what, or how you love, it will always exist. Love may be blind, but you'll be crawling through the dark alone without it.'
Stormrider - February 3rd, 2014.

"Booker, are you afraid of God?"
"No... But I'm afraid of you."
Elizabeth and Booker - Bioshock Infinite

'The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist.'
- Opening Title Card of Bioshock Infinite

"Oh no! I just turned all our diamonds into porkchops!"
Markiplier - Livestream Highlights: Minecraft

'Never lose sight of what is important. If that ever happens, expect nothing less than failure.'
- Unknown

Depression is not something you can instantly change. Don't tell a depressed person to be happy, because they didn't choose to be sad.

My Pony Personality Results!


  • TA Tale of Heroic Tribulation
    Stormrider was never a mare for crowds, but she travels across Equestria to tell tales of the famous through poetry and song. But soon, she will come to realize just how much pain the famous go through. She will experience her own tale.
    Dark Tempest · 2.7k words · 255 views
  • TA Shy Pegasi's Wing
    It's a fine night in Ponyville for Fluttershy, and when a new pegasus arrives, she learns more about life and love. However, when the pair are attacked at the Galloping Gala Hearts night, they learn that their lives will be forever intertwined..
    Dark Tempest · 18k words  ·  29  29 · 869 views

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I know what you feel bro...
I saw your comment to that guy with the Twily avatar.

You want to be friends with him, yet you got off on a bad start.
Same thing happened to me.

It did not end well.

He does not hate me, but, well, let's just say I wonder why I'm laughing at the fact that he blocked me.


Pointless comment. I know. I only did this because you were last seen offline 2 weeks and 3 days ago. Oh wells.

send me a message now it should work

1558131 never mind, i just looked and i never look and saw that someone pranked me, (probably my friend) and it had you blocked

1558124 i know it sucks so much, have you contacted knighty about it to see if you can get the problem resolved

  • Viewing 287 - 291 of 291
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