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Are you a shipper? Ever seen an "Anti [Ship]" group? Ever wonder why shippers just can't get along and stop hating on each other's OTP/OT3/OTChuckNorris? <insert more rhetorical questions>

Welcome to Pro Shipping, where all ships are welcome to combat the "anti-shipping" mentality too much of us are familiar with. The only way to combat these "anti-shippers" is not with more hate (though witty remarks are surprisingly effective), but to exercise our right to... more shipping.

That's right folks. This group is dedicated to fighting hate... with love. Literally. Like, pony love. Like <insert more confusing metaphors/similes>. So if we band together, form a team, we can truly become... pro shippers.

Just look at Cadence.

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I'm going to say this folder:raritywink:

After all, we never meat your OC in cannon.:pinkiehappy:

Oh man, I remember running across Pinkie Pie REALLY Loves Used Patio Furniture a few months back.

Seeing it turn up in this group brought back all the laughs.

Yay! The prefect group for me! :ya:
My specialtiy us really rare ships some of which haven't even been writen yet! ^^

Hmm, with me it can go either way.


Then Spike steals Octavia's heart.

Literally or metaphorically?

What folder would match a Fluttershy/Soarin shipping?

366058 You get paid after you get drafted.:rainbowkiss:

Getting drafted for the Pro Shipping League (PSL, patent pending) is apparently a thing now.:moustache:

So when do we get paid?

"I ship it like FedEx."
"I ship it like UPS."

Why not both? :rainbowhuh:

UPS x FedEx!

OK, new shipping Rarity X Octavia. Then Spike steals Octavia's heart.

365928 Well, that wasn't expected...

Ha! Sure. Why the hell not?



I think that I've read and liked one story here that doesn't have a strong romantic subplot.:rainbowkiss:

Threads about oversaturated or 'bad' ships tend to infuriate me. Save for a few extreme cases, I don't even like to dismiss ships that I generally dislike.

I think a group that's not just focused on shipping, but shipping optimism, is just my speed.

So if I were to ship an OC w/ canon, where would I put it?

#destroy shiping haters also #STOP HASHTAGING:twilightsmile:

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