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Writer, Editor, and Shipper of Good Ships. Your typical cotton candy haired lesbian. Yes, I have pronouns. No, you can't have them.

More About Me

Pony Stuff I Like:

  • Favorite character: Fluttershy is my waifu, not yours, you fools. Discord, Starlight Glimmer, and Big Mac are also good contenders.
  • Favorite Background characters: Doctor Hooves and Roseluck
  • Favorite Pairings: Fluttercord is OTP. I also adore Cheesepie, Rarijack, and SunSciTwi.

General Favorites:

  • TV Shows: the Avatar series, Bojack Horsecockman, Ducktales (2017), Black Mirror, the Good Place, Aggretsuko, Jessica Jones, Futurama, Castlevania
  • Musicians: Florence + the Machine, Nothing but Thieves, the Crane Wives, the Oh Hellos, Mother Mother, Fleetwood Mac, Hozier
  • Video Games: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Bayonetta, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Undertale/Deltarune

Ahh I love my basically canon ship

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