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Writer/Editor. Acute angle. The Token Girl. Warning: Smol and loud.

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Pony Stuff I Like:
-Favorite character: Fluttershy is my waifu, not yours, you bastards. Discord, Rarity, and Sunset Shimmer are also acceptable, too
-Favorite Pairings: Fluttercord, Rarijack, Sunlight, and Cheesepie, though I'm a multishipper

TV Shows: the Avatar series, Bojack Horseman, Black Mirror, Aggretsuko, Jessica Jones, Futurama
Musicians: Florence + the Machine, Halestorm, Lady Gaga, and Breaking Benjamin
Video Games: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Bayonetta, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door


I knew I said I was done BUT LISTEN! · 2:22am Oct 7th, 2017

I make exceptions when it comes to pals.

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My last fimfiction story was published in October 2017. I cannot say for certain if I'll write another one here anytime soon. But anything can happen. I definitely, however still write on ArchiveOfOurOwn. You can find me at Same username. It's all still garbage, but with less ponies. Yay?

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I love you both!

Also, ten? Is he on a diet or something?

Hey, dude! Love ya, too, and I'm honestly totally glad to have met you! :heart:

hahahaha eat, like, ten dicks

Love you, Missy! You're such a great person and I am so glad we're friends--

Kissy missy is the Pegasus love hanging around with Flower Blossom and helping her with the garden. It midnight and Missy was poo and end the party a hour later while Blossom and Lily was Finish planting her first seed.

Reporting for harassment, because I cannot handle the truth and am super triggered.

  • Viewing 822 - 826 of 826
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