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Rainbow's happy with her newfound relationship with Pinkie Pie—excited, even! What she's not excited about, however, is being the one to decide on where their first date is. She's not an expert in the whole romance thing, but she wants to impress Pinkie and time's running out! Maybe her friends can help her...

Mentioned relationships include Fluttercord and Rarijack. Don't worry, though, this is about PinkieDash, my friends.

Written for the Right Back at It Again! contest.

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Missy, this was very cutesy. For a 1 AM story, it's more coherent than anything I've written at that hour.

Oh, and it was also very gay.

Well, I did some editing this early before submission, so there is that. But tbh, this is probably the fastest I've written and completed a story in god knows how long, so I was a little nervous submitting it, I'll admit.

But that's basically what I was going for: cute and gay. That's all anyone should really need.

Cute and gay, but goth completes the trinity.

Damn, you right, that's what this story was missing.

The holy trinity of good shit.

This was cute as, enjoyed it 100 percent. Good enough that I read it at work and neglected my duties.:rainbowlaugh:

I feel honored for being the reason of you slacking off.

Thank you kindly!

I give this one two gay technicolored horses out of ten. One gay technicolored horse is equivalent to a five.

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