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Trixie's birthday is coming up, and Starlight hasn't the faintest what to do. And Pinkie isn't even in town! So Starlight runs for help from her little dragon friend.

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You did amazing, but that's natural for you my old friend, welcome back.

Inferno, you're always too sweet, I swear. Thank you!

Just being there for an old friend, it's what I do. I'm excited to see what else you'll make if you chose to stay and hopefully look over the movie (which I need to do myself).


She's a pretty fantastic writer, amiright?

Missy, thank you so much for this. You didn't just write me a story. You used my favorite characters, made them in-character and found a way to apply it to me. That took more effort than a washing machine puts into a post-Taco Bell shitstain on plaid boxers.

You are one of a kind, cute (wink wink) and altogether a great friend. Keep being you.

She's bucking amazing, I hope she never changes.

Maybe Spike could give Starlight the best birthday party ever!!!

Oh my god, guys!!!! You're both the best! If only I could hug ya'll through the screen.

Famous, I'm so so so glad you liked it. I admit I was initially worried 'cause time was not on my side. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end, so yay! Happy your mom went through some shit day, HOORAY! :heart:

cute (wink wink) 


I can imagine that being, like, a part two to this story. It'd definitely fit into Starlight's clear complications when it comes to birthdays. I dunno. Maybe inspiration will spark one day and I'll come back to it.

“Absolutely. Once we invite the others and some other ponies in town to know, this

...this? This what? It cut off. You might want to fix that.

Found another one.

“You’ve been trying really hard to prove you’re better than you were in the past, and it’s show. I don’t think anyone hasn’t noticed by now. If they haven’t, then they really just aren’t try to,” he muttered, thinking about

You'll be surprised by how often I make that same mistake. My writing process is very scattered (and so is my brain I swear to god), so more often than not I'll accidentally leave a paragraph unfinished, especially when I've got a deadline to meet when finishing something.

Thank you for pointing it out, though! All fixed!

I love this story! I love how you wrote Spike in this you did a really good job

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! 😁

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