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Yeah, things have been a bit rough here and reading has helped. It was a fun story and I'm happy that the positive side of that meme lives on. Though it really is a shame how much hate gay or other LGBTQ+ fics get. Doesn't surprise me nowadays but still sucks.

Good to see you around again! Thanks for favoriting It's Only Coffee.

Forbidden Melodies covers enough that it makes sense but Gloria Celestia certainly helps and it's a good read. I'd have to reread the whole story with the new info in mind but I want to say it works anyway, perhaps because Celestia's character isn't as explored before and there's open space there. It's a difficult balancing act to not be too obvious or too vague but I think it works with how focused she was on helping Luna that it hooks into there and retroactively makes me go "oh no".

She wasn't trying to help her sister, she was obsessed. Honestly one of my favorite portrayals of Celestia now, I can think of few stories that have the "chess master" Celestia like this but not as an antagonist.

Well, since I'm already littered across your page anyway, thanks for favoriting Gloria Celestia as well. Very important for Electro Swing 50 and 51 to make sense.

No worries on that front.
It might be a little slow going recently, but I have no intention of dropping either Electro Swing or Unchanging Truths.

  • Viewing 292 - 296 of 296
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