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A bit of harmony, a lot of mania, on a foundation of existential thought, sprinkled with logic and innuendo... Damn it, now I'm thirsty.

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About me.

Hello there, dear reader! My legal name is Cheshire, but most call me Mary. Which is slightly odd since I'm male--if you ignore my tits, anyway--, but, I'm not complaining!

I'm highly manic, and not in the self-diagnosis sort of way, in the "It's what my doctors tell me" sort of way. But that's irrelevant. The point is, I'm highly manic, and as such, prone to incomprehensible rambling. I'm usually rather up-beat, energetic, highly sexual, predatory, fickle, existential, analytical, overly cryptic, and rather intensely sadomasochistic.

However, I'm also a very rational, logical person, with fairly grounded views. It's just that my personality itself tends towards extremes. I'm fairly easy to get along with, or at least, I'd like to think I am, but I must say that I rather despise disharmony and conflict! I'd prefer to avoid any and all unnecessary drama, and have no interest in participating in such things. Sometimes, though, conflict is necessary, in which case, I'll play my part, as appropriate!

This gif summarizes my friendships.

I've retired from writing pony fics. Not that anyone cares! Myself included.


Love is such a fun, abusable, lie of a word. · 5:31am Jun 2nd, 2016

I'm not really a brony anymore, in the sense that, pony is cute, I like pony, but, I don't watch the show, have any desire to affiliate myself with the fandom as a whole, nor do I contribute to it. I'm still a writer--and write more than virtually nothing now, yay--but I write original fiction, not pony, these days.

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Hey, happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good time.

2097398 Because I'm a playful and opportunistic predator?

This reminded me of you for some reason.


2048921 I never do anything with it, but, feel free!

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