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I'm a chef and an avid reader of all flavors, and perhaps one day I'll even get around to writing something. Want a recipe, Pony themed or not? Hit me up and I'll help you out!

Being a Chef and watching Ponies isn't always easy... Due to obvious reasons, it is also the most difficult art to work into the fandom. Yes, one could make cupcakes and muffins.
But what about the rest of it? Obviously hay fries and hay juice are out. The idea of attempting to make daffodils palatable is ridiculous... but somehow there has to be something I can make that's not only something one would find in Equestria, but also something one could also enjoy eating.
Perhaps this is taking things a little too far... but I'll never know until I try. Even if I have to use (god forbid) avant-garde molecular cooking, I will find a way. If this all works, maybe I'll finally have a use for my tumblr.


My Chef rant on "Spice Up Your Life" and why Zesty isn't really a food critic. · 8:24am Jun 12th, 2016

I just finished watching "Spice up your Life", and I have to say I enjoyed most of it. It's not often I feel like commenting on an episode, but to those who know me on here and know I work as an executive chef, I figured it'd do no harm to weigh in on a few things. Now I won't review the whole episode itself as there are plenty of others doing that, instead I'd like to talk about Zesty Gourmand, the Three Hoof rating, and the Tasty Treat as well as ethnic restaurants in general, since I think

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Hi there! And yeah I'm guessing you are friends of The One and Only and Sammy Duh Mare if I got by your follows. I may not know any of you personally but it's always nice to meet new friends on here and all. As for cooking advice, I haven't been asked in a while now for much of anything, not that it was ever something I did all that often. Anyway, have a good one!

Hey Zasyri. I don't know if you remember me (or know me for that matter) but I think either a friend of mine or I asked for your advice about culinary terms or something like that. Just wanted to say Hi, although I don't know why. I remember when your profile picture was a little different.

Anyway, I don't mean to waste your time, just wanted to pop in see how you're doing and then pop out. farewell...I guess.

So...been a while.
Still rocking it out in the kitchen?
Stayin frosty and improving your articho-quando?

Comment posted by TRIBOT 4000 deleted May 7th, 2018

2346950 Nothing much, just trying to mentally get ready for the chaos that is Thanksgiving at the restaurant tomorrow. 1367 people on the books all day, and despite having known this for months and prepared for it, I still wonder if we're ready. Oh well, time to go make the big bucks, holiday bonus pay is good incentive.

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