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So there I were, peekin' out the brush when all of a sudden an alicorn come poppin outta thin air! Hi, I'm your local freindoy neighborhood fox, here to keep it real with zeal and a little Aleal!

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Wow, my story was worth a whole entire mention! Thank ya for reading and mentioning it! Or maybe I'm mentioning it.

Thank you for adding Choosing of the Guard to your Worth a Mention List. I am glad that you enjoyed the story that much.

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Nah you’re good famalam

...oh. sorry, m8, I had no idea it informed you when I added stories to anything other than my favorites folder.

I tend to like things very...organized, and have multiple categories I often use to achieve that so it's easier for me to find them.

I could, technically, just add them all to "read it later" but I simply don't pay attention to that category anymore.

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That’s a lotta damage.

Thanks for reading my stuff, yo. More things coming soon.

  • Viewing 118 - 122 of 122
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