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Writer for fun, I like to think I do well. Feel free to message any love/hate/suggestions. Hope you enjoy.


Long time no posts · 4:34am Dec 29th, 2018

Hey 2 people who are gonna read this!

Since I posted a story, I've been working 70hour weeks since my boat has been back and filling the little free time with lewd things. Today I sat down and actually wrote some, edited more, and have 2.5 chapters ready for publishing, 5-6 ready for editing on my new story. Hope you like beasty stuff! Oh, pony on human girl, and human guy on pony. Won't spoil beyond that. Cheers.

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Uh..... no guarantees. I've got many other things ahead of this vague idea you've given me.

Thank you and 1 more thing how long until you put it out

In the works? In progress?

What do you mean in words

I've heard worse ideas! Not gonna make any guarantees, I've basically been on duty since sunday and I feel extremely drained, but maybe sometime soon. I have a few other things in the works. PM me if you wanna share more details

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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