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Steel Quill

A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Also on FA!


Shoutout/Signal Boost Post · 4:21am November 19th

Hey guys! It's Steel Quill here. Just catching up some with you all, and doing something to help a friend.

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I apologize if I ever asked this, but would you be willing to take a request?

Hello Steel Quill.
I like your fanfics.

Can you please make one about Filthyjack?
I know you can make a good story.

Have a nice day.

In my universe, the girls are very horny size queens and they end up on earth to live with my human OC and give him the time of his life but they won't appear all at once. Also, I forgot to add that Gilda, Trixie, Flutter-Bat, and Timberjack will be in it.

...you are far more ambitious than I am! :rainbowlaugh: But hey, if you can make it work as a coherent story, go for it!

Well The Mane6, Zecora, The 3 Princess, Barb, Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Molestia, Umbra, Mrs Cake, Spoiled Milk, and the Mom6.

  • Viewing 127 - 131 of 131
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