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A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Also on FA!


Writing difficulties · 5:23pm February 6th

I've learned a little bit from trying to make something work for the past month now. I took December off to rest and to just enjoy the holidays. I came back into January, hoping to get the ball rolling again so I could continue to put out pieces all of you would like.

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In my universe, the girls are very horny size queens and they end up on earth to live with my human OC and give him the time of his life but they won't appear all at once. Also, I forgot to add that Gilda, Trixie, Flutter-Bat, and Timberjack will be in it.

...you are far more ambitious than I am! :rainbowlaugh: But hey, if you can make it work as a coherent story, go for it!

Well The Mane6, Zecora, The 3 Princess, Barb, Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Molestia, Umbra, Mrs Cake, Spoiled Milk, and the Mom6.

No worries! Who were you thinking to work with for your own story?

Well I hop it works out for you my friend and I would like to make my own story like that as well if you want to here it.

  • Viewing 125 - 129 of 129
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