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A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Porn Pope (TM). Also on FA!

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Memory. Memory is one of the most crucial elements of life to the point we do everything we can to commemorate it and preserve it by every means possible. Calendars and holidays, journals and books, old myths and legends. Ponies employ these means to keep their memories close and able to be recalled, to try and never forget. It's never really questioned, only accepted that everypony, even the deities of Equestria, forget. But buried away, sometimes, the question still persists: why? Why do we forget?

Twilight stumbles upon the answer one day. Nothing prepared her for the answer to talk back.

A first foray into horror/suspense writing. Written in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Proofread by NotaPonyPerson, Speculore, and SweetBanana.

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