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A new chapter in my life. · 4:03pm Saturday

Before I begin this, I want to reassure that I am still working on upcoming chapters and blogs. Sprinkling in my sense of style for the next Undeath and Rebirth entry before I finish up Midnight’s character page.

With that being said, you will notice that my productivity will be going through a flux when it comes to deadlines. And that is because I’m making a big move this year. Specifically, a move from one country to another.

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Here's to a Brand New Year! (Hopefully) · 10:38pm Dec 31st, 2021

Welp. 2021 Came and went unexpectedly quick. Seriously felt like summer didn't last that long. There's been plenty of ups as well as significant downsides. And, I have to say, it was a weird year for me. I almost started it off homeless, cut off a lot of harsh elements from my life, and even opened up to my dysfunctional family, but stuff that needed to be heard. Plus, I'm now a monkey's uncle! So that's exciting.

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