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Update about Writer's Block and Corruption of Equestria · 8:09am June 30th

Greetings Guys and Gals!

Well...some might probably have already noticed that I am suffering under Writer's Block...again. I'm going to work through it since I am feeling miserable for not delivering any stories, especially to the ones who have commissioned me. :ajsleepy: So I will try my best to get my writing back on track and hope to actually finish something in a weeks time.

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Commission Criteria's

Commissions are currently CLOSED


Price: 6.00$ per 1,000 words

Payment Method: Paypal

If commissions are open there is always also the question what I prefer to write and what I refuse to write. So to avoid problems regarding this a commissioner should read the following list:

Uber Fetishes:
- Gangbang (Duh!)
- Maledom (Have I ever written a story without it?)
- Glory Hole (Classic and one of my favorite ones!)
- Public Use
- Humiliation/Degradation e.g. Body Writing
- Bukkake (Always hot in my opinion and there should be more messy ones of these in stories)
- Sex-Questria (Equestria being all about open sex or Equestria being turned into a land of sex. I REALLY love that concept!)

- Public Sex / Stealth Sex
- Foalcon
- Incest (Father/daughter first, brother/sister on the second place, not really into mother/son though)
- Bestiality
- Tentacle (Many tentacles and only a few holes of a mare to be stuffed. What's not to like with that setting? :pinkiehappy:)
- Eventual Consensual Rape
- Cheating / Netorare
- Sex Machines, Sex Toys, and other aids (spreader bars for example and so on)
- Spanking (I found that to be a rather nice act of dominance and sometimes use such acts in small parts in my clopfics)
- Mind Break (In a way an overload of pleasure, not sure how good I am at that though)
- Sluttification / Bimbofication
- Anthro (But I prefer the normal ones over anthro)
- Hyper Cocks (found my interest for that one not all too long ago, huge dragons fucking a small pony or dragoness? That's interesting stuff for example)
- Cum Inflation
- Musk-Play (Only for a female smelling a cock and balls. I'm not a fan of armpits and so on, but the thought of a female actually burying her face in the males crotch area is quite attractive for me.)
- Futa (This one is rather minor. Futa has to be dominant and I like it if other males are around too, so that the futa and the males dominate another female)
- Flashlight Dicks / Cocks (Yes, I mention them. And I even plan to write a fic all about them. Even Sterlit said he was interested in writing something like that. I mean, pumping ponies full of glowing cum and use them as lights? That sounds fun! :pinkiesmile:)
- Silliness (Yup. I like sometimes silly things in my clopfics, if you my dear reader have noticed. It is quite refreshing and funny. And funny is always a nice option to spice a clopfic up)

Other Stuff which I have a slight interest on:
- M/M (I am not into M/M, but can actually write it if the setting is right. I'm for example a huge fan of TheVClaw's story where Spike is slutting it up. But in any case for this part I'm a bit picky, so no guarantees!)
- F/F (Depends on the setting. For example if there is a dominant partner with a submissive one, or if there are a lot of toys like vibrators or a fucking machine used)
- Watersports (Cloppictures of harryclopper are a guilty pleasure of mine, and the interest in this point has also grown since I used it in a RP. The degrading aspect can be rather neat.)
- Food/Hoof Fetish (I only have read two fics about it. One with Rainbow Dash and Spike on the topic, the second one a sequel to it. It was very interesting and sensual I admit, but I personally focussed more on reading when the real action started. I could probably try to implement something like that, but it's not really something I would call a kink of mine.)

Other stuff I completely refuse to write:
- Femdom (Exception if a female character gets dominated, but I don't like the thought of a male character being dominated. That just isn't my cup of tea.)
- Diaper Play
- Scat
- Gore
- Death
- Pain/Torture (Sexual torture of course is a different matter, I'm only talking about the sadistic side here)

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As I say with many people keep up the damn good work!


And many thanks for enjoying them! :yay:

Just a quick note to say that I like your stories dude many thanks for writing them

So are you going with my idea.

But no one has a story of a zebra kidnapping twilight so please try it.


Well, Cheating Twilight is a story where she gets fucked up in a sense by Thunderlane and even bred towards the end.

I also have a changeling collab story planned that will end with Twilight as a broodmare.


Can you do one with a zebra kidnap twilight and make her into a brood mare.

Yo when will new chapter of cheating twilight be out?

So when will the next chapter of CoE be out?

I Hope I might write something for the fandom WHEN I GET GOOD at writing, i'm more of a plot Guy... I also know How to draw, and I'm getting better with time. I Hope i get to help someone in the Zebra Domination fandom.

I presume that your Zebra Domination fics are pretty good. I'll read them later today, good that this fandom is growing, right?


I noticed and really like to hear that! :yay: I follow you too after all and I also hope you will enjoy the future smut I will write, just as I hope to read some more chapters of your interesting stories in the future! :pinkiesmile:

I am greatly impressed with your collection of stories, and how well you’ve written them. You get a Follow! :twilightsmile:


I kind of am busy as of now, so that is why I haven't updated. Got some stuff to do this week and this month are also exams, so not sure if I can manage to squeeze another story or chapter out. So, I can't really promise anything. :twilightsheepish:

Hi, can you give us some news? When can we expect a new story/chapters?

Guess what I don't even read the description


I do. But I said uncooked noodle. And an uncooked spaghetti is the straightest thing one can imagine! :pinkiesmile:

Your stories whack
Your life whack
Your name whack
Cuz im a normal nigga with your fruity ass self

You do realize that proverb is about noodles not being straight when wet right?

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