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Towan for short. I also have a Patreon and a Ko-fi


Voice for Moaning needed in Animation · 6:32pm April 27th

Hey there guys and gals.

This is a bit of an unusual post so I am hoping more for gals for this specific post (or males with a very feminine voice). I do dabble in art every now and then. Not nearly as much as I do in writing seeing how writing is, to put it frankly, more profitable. And I would say I am simply better at writing than at doing art, so that might play into this too.

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Commission Criteria's

Commissions are currently CLOSED


Price: 13.00$ per 1,000 words

Payment Method: Paypal

If commissions are open there is always also the question what I prefer to write and what I refuse to write. So to avoid problems regarding this a commissioner should read the following list:

Uber Fetishes:
- Gangbang (Duh!)
- Maledom (Have I ever written a story without it?)
- Glory Hole (Classic and one of my favorite ones!)
- Public Use
- Humiliation/Degradation e.g. Body Writing
- Bukkake (Always hot in my opinion and there should be more messy ones of these in stories)
- Sex-Questria (Equestria being all about open sex or Equestria being turned into a land of sex. I REALLY love that concept!)

- Public Sex / Stealth Sex
- Foalcon
- Incest (Father/daughter first, brother/sister on the second place, not really into mother/son though)
- Bestiality
- Tentacle (Many tentacles and only a few holes of a mare to be stuffed. What's not to like with that setting? :pinkiehappy:)
- Eventual Consensual Rape
- Cheating / Netorare
- Sex Machines, Sex Toys, and other aids (spreader bars for example and so on)
- Spanking (I found that to be a rather nice act of dominance and sometimes use such acts in small parts in my clopfics)
- Mind Break (In a way an overload of pleasure, not sure how good I am at that though)
- Sluttification / Bimbofication
- Anthro (But I prefer the normal ones over anthro)
- Hyper Cocks (found my interest for that one not all too long ago, huge dragons fucking a small pony or dragoness? That's interesting stuff for example)
- Cum Inflation
- Musk-Play (Only for a female smelling a cock and balls. I'm not a fan of armpits and so on, but the thought of a female actually burying her face in the males crotch area is quite attractive for me.)
- Futa (This one is rather minor. Futa has to be dominant and I like it if other males are around too, so that the futa and the males dominate another female)
- Flashlight Dicks / Cocks (Yes, I mention them. And I even plan to write a fic all about them. Even Sterlit said he was interested in writing something like that. I mean, pumping ponies full of glowing cum and use them as lights? That sounds fun! :pinkiesmile:)
- Silliness (Yup. I like sometimes silly things in my clopfics, if you my dear reader have noticed. It is quite refreshing and funny. And funny is always a nice option to spice a clopfic up)

Other Stuff which I have a slight interest on:
- M/M (I am not into M/M, but can actually write it if the setting is right. I'm for example a huge fan of TheVClaw's story where Spike is slutting it up. But in any case for this part I'm a bit picky, so no guarantees!)
- F/F (Depends on the setting. For example if there is a dominant partner with a submissive one, or if there are a lot of toys like vibrators or a fucking machine used)
- Watersports (Cloppictures of harryclopper are a guilty pleasure of mine, and the interest in this point has also grown since I used it in a RP. The degrading aspect can be rather neat.)
- Food/Hoof Fetish (I only have read two fics about it. One with Rainbow Dash and Spike on the topic, the second one a sequel to it. It was very interesting and sensual I admit, but I personally focussed more on reading when the real action started. I could probably try to implement something like that, but it's not really something I would call a kink of mine.)

Other stuff I completely refuse to write:
- Femdom (Exception if a female character gets dominated, but I don't like the thought of a male character being dominated. That just isn't my cup of tea.)
- Diaper Play
- Scat

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Hey there my friend. I am sure you have been asked this a lot but just in case do you ever plan on returning to your timberwolf pup story anytime soon?


Hm... For now, I have no big desire to do them. I mean, I got enough other projects to worry about. Not to mention I am more attached to G4. Not to say I don't like G5, but there are a few flaws in it that are bugging me. So, I can imagine it in the future, just not now. :pinkiesmile:

Will you write with the characters of G5 friend?


I can write about other stuff too. As for where to post it... Inkbunny might be a possibility. :pinkiesmile:

Love your stories. Was wondering if you write for other fandoms? Or if you would being willing to be commission for other series? And do you post to other sites?


Yup. Got no reason to stop really. Not like my Game Development is taking off as it is now and it might be years before I can actually make money from it instead of spending it. And I do have lots of people wanting to Commission me, so that is helpful in making at least some money back or making money to Commission art I like.

I am glad you enjoy my work and hope you enjoy what I do in the future as well. I for one hope I can manage to finish up a few older stories at some point too as I wouldn't want to leave with anything open anyway. So, expect me to stay for many years to come. :pinkiesmile:

Happy to see you’re still active, Towan :3 never really spoke with you much (maybe a comment box here or there) but it’s great to see one of the greats of the site is still active and making great stories~

Thank you for adding An Overlord Apart to your Favorites!

Comment posted by V-H-SClop deleted Jan 7th, 2021

Oof, but alright


I don't mind splitting it in half. For now though I am doing less Commissions. Only the few that are active right now. After Chrismas I plan to do more again, though I get enough Commissions as it is so I am seriously considering raising the prices lightly, something I didn't quite expect to even consider. :twilightsheepish:

When commissions are open, could the payment be split in half if it's expensive enough?

Will you post an update blog now? Like any news about Corruption of Equestria?


Rule of Commission. If the Commissioner wills it, then yeah. And the one that did commission them thought it possible to have one to Sealed in Tartarus. So, it really depends. I for one do have some other stories to focus on too (some incompleted ones and some other plans for stories), so I'm not going out of my way here.

Hey TheOneWithoutAName will you ever write a sequel to any of your more recent stories I'm thinking specifically about the Sealed in Tartarus ones with Twilight and the most recent one with Flurry


Happy New Year to you too! :pinkiesmile:

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.


It is a pleasure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for every joy your story bring me in past,present&future :raritystarry:

It did thank you and as for the double dong thing he was born with them.

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