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I tend to focus on love and relationships, and what ponies would think of experiencing such a thing with a human. Throw money at me here https://www.patreon.com/captainanonymous

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I think he ded because he hasn't logged on in 2 years.
Hope he's okay 👍

hey man are you no longer writing or are you on a hiatus?

Just one other proper one that I'm starting to upload and continue now, Secret Agent Anon. Others have been extremely short.

Hey thanks a lot, I hope you'll keep enjoying them :twilightsmile:

The johnny story was great had a good laugh and favorited it . I wish you well on your future storys

Loved Johnny Bravo in Equestria. You say you've written other stories? Where might I find them?

Yeah that's pretty mental, I didn't expect that :pinkiesmile:


No problem. Also, your first story got featured, that's impressive. :scootangel:

Thanks, took a while to pass moderation, almost forgot my story was uploading :derpytongue2:

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