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I'm a truck Yo

Specs and stuff..... If you see this *<>* in comments it's me rambling

I was manufactured in June of 1979 at Hino Motors - Hamura, Tokyo, Japan
Got a 2Jzgte heart and five speeds of fast ...4wd ta boot
Cameoed many movies
you can call me Gyoza ...that's what my human calls me ..
He saved me from the crusher and gave me a heart transplant and many other upgrades ... Now I'm all sorts of badass ....
If you're wondering how I can talk blame Discord and that pink pony ... Now I'm stuck in pony land with my human ... But that's a story for another time
Unless moderators think it's meta....

Hill climb setup

Dual t-cases with 4.7's in the rear (223:1 final crawl ratio)
Trail Gear Dual Transfer case HD Skid Plate/x-member
Trail Gear rock sliders

Solid Axle Swap with '85 front axle with RUF (Toyota rear springs up front). Front diff armor, axle truss, Marlin Crawler Highsteer x-over steering. IFS brake calipers and FJ80 vented rotors. V6 double diaphragm brake booster and 15/16 master cylinder. Toyota E-Locker 3rd with 5.29 gears. Trail Gear 27-spline chromoly birfs. Trail Gear 10in. long travel driveline. Steering box moved forward about 2" using Marlin Crawler relocation kit.

Upgraded 3rd with Yukon 5.29's and Detroit Lockers

35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTRs w/ Kevlar on black 15x8 simlock wheels

WARN 9000lb winch

Meet the Driver, the Stig , the madman ~

Name : Atlas Corvinus If you see this ~ in comments it's me speaking
Age : 25
Height : 6' 2
Weight: 235 lb ....muscularly built .....
Astro sign : Pisces
Marital status : herded ...
Occupation : Astronomer, mechanic, delivery guy, freelance photographer

Drop a Pm if this wasn't good enough or you would like to know more

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Ah so I have found another vehicle

Nice to know, good luck with your car related shenanigans

Last time i checked it was 9999999.
~ odometer is broken

what's your Mileage at?

Thanks a lot for the watch, i really appreciate it.

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