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Taking requests for Diplomacy is Tasty · 1:45am Sep 8th, 2017

If you are interested in a specific way one of the mane 6 gets served up in Diplomacy is Tasty, shoot me a pm. I do not have much in the way of limits with regards to kinks. The focus will be on partial vore, beyond that it's fair game. It can be a recipe, sex act, wild kink, whatever. It also doesn't have to be a whole scenario, just a simple thing works too. I would like to ask to have the characters personalities in mind when making such a request.

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Did anyone archive a copy of Any way you want it? I hate it when bronies emowipe all their stuff away.

Could you put back up your story so we can read it please. The description for it sounds like it was awesome.

Well, thats not a reason to give up...

2404183 Eh, it just wasn't getting the traction I wanted. Lots of dislikes, very little in the way of comments, it just kinda sputtered out of the gate.

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