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I mostly edit things, and write things when my muse beats me enough.


Bronycon 2017 · 3:26am August 8th

So I'm going to this thing.

I'll be leaving tomorrow, picking up Trick Question and a friend, and dragging them, along with Drax99 to the con when it starts.

This will be my fifth year attending, as Drax and I have went to the con together since 2013.

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Some Things I Did Writ

  • E Fragility
    Humans aren't nearly as robust as ponies. Simple gestures such as hugs, pats on the back, and hoof bumps are all well and fine when it's another pony on the receiving end. With a person a fraction of their mass, ponies forget how fragile others are
    Zyrian · 1.2k words  ·  300  20 · 3.4k views
  • E Velveteen
    While ponies around her grew and got their cutie marks, she remained the same. An encounter with a few neighborhood foals teaches her that, while she can't change on the outside, She can still be happy and make the most of who she is on the inside.
    Zyrian · 1.8k words  ·  33  1 · 476 views
  • T Party's Over
    The party is over, and everypony is going their separate ways. Pinkie at first falls into a deep depression, but through the help of the Cake family, gains a new perspective about the true meaning of friendship
    Zyrian · 3.8k words  ·  63  2 · 1k views

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Thank you for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

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Thank you for the following. I'm glad you appreciated A Good Filly:twilightsmile:

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I'll take a look when I get the chance! :pinkiehappy:

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I hope to see you at other cons! Hopefully you find some of my work to your satisfaction.

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