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I mostly edit things, and write things when my muse beats me enough.


Ponyville Ciderfest and Nightmare Nights Dallas · 3:48am October 19th

So...How many of you will I see there?

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Some Things I Did Writ

People, Who For Some Reason Like My Writing

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Hey I’m depressed text me and come write a shitty story with me. (714) 496-3119 room 2132

Nice meeting you too.

That said, I did meet a lot of people at the con in which I gave my card to, so I might need a refresher on who exactly you are :twilightsheepish:

So, yeah, it was cool meeting you at the con, and I may ask you for help editing something eventually.

Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

Story Approver

Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Many thanks for the follow! I hope that you'll continue to enjoy my work. 🎩

Repent for your sins

Thank you for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves.!?.!?.!?.!?.!?.

Thank you for the following. I'm glad you appreciated A Good Filly:twilightsmile:

Yay! I'm follower number 101. I get easily amused by very minuscule things like working with trigonometry and having all angles and sides a round number :twilightsmile::trollestia:


...Why tag me?

~Skeeter The Lurker

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Hey! I also just wanted to swing by to offer my congratulations on becoming an approver.
Here's to you, fine sir.

2345969 You're welcome:scootangel:

If you ever want to chat or someone to rant to feel free to message me

Whoa what.

When the hell did you become an approver?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Congrats on becoming a story approver!

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