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Ohai! Extantdread here, available for some of your needs! Aviator, avid reader, occasional writer!

My Second Life (Google Docs)


Hello! I'm Extantdread, been here a long while, not terribly active anymore. Maybe I'll post a story every now and then, but don't expect much.

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Which roller coaster is that?

2149543 Hi!

I'm sorry, but I've never heard anyone say that My Second Life has over 600 chapters. The 180 chapters on the links up above are the only ones I know of, and I haven't tampered with them in the slightest. There may be a couple bonus chapters that aren't there, and Coal Buck, the author of MSL, did start a rewrite of the whole story, but never came close to finishing it, and it has been deleted now. So sorry if that disappoints you.

Also, his account wasn't deleted, just most of the stuff on it was deleted. Here it is.

Hello mate.

While reading comments in the longest story on this site, The Chase, I´ve read something ´bout "My Second Life" story, all the drama with writer parents and so on. It was stated in the comments that, originally, "My Second Life" had 600 chapters, before the writer account was deleted. Despite that, I could only find your 180 chapters version of the story. There were more chapters and they are lost, or the story have been formatted to be smaller ?

Thanks for the attention.

comment section = ded

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