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Cloudy Serrano

Bio(Short for Biology, duh)

Age: 15-21, not sure if I remember correctly
Birthday: Thirteenth of May
Favourite colour: America
Country: America
State: California, sexy
Favourite story: Elsewhere
Favourite artist: Awolnation/Hollywood Undead
Favourite song: Generosity
Favourite fanfic: Diaries of a Madman
Favourite user whom I totally don't secretly stalk: Wanderer D
Favourite food: Potato
Favourite website: Tumblr


Goals For this Site:

Reach 50 followers-
Reach 100 followers-
Reach 150 followers-
Reach 200 followers-
Reach 500 followers-
Reach 1000 followers-
Have everyone follow me-
Reach 1 story view-x
Reach 10 story views-x
Reach 50 story views-x
Reach 100 story views-x
Reach 200 story views-x
Reach 500 story views-
Reach 1,000 story views-
Reach 5,000 story views-
Reach 10,000 story views-
Have most story views-
Reach 1 favourite-x
Reach 10 favourites-x
Reach 50 favourites-
Reach 100 favourites-
Reach 200 favourites-
Reach 500 favourites-
Reach 1,000 favourites-
Reach 5,000 favourites-
Reach 10,000 favourites-
Have most favourites-

Regular Goals

Become Billionaire-
Become famous-
Own a room completely empty save for potatoes-
Become a semi well-known YouTuber-
Successfully become a tree-

My only story

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Thanks for the favorite on "Monster is as Monster Does"

Thanks for favoriting Tales of the Battle Foals!

Thanks for adding "The Secrets of Equestria" to your favourites. I hope you'll continue enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for favouriting The Worst of All Possible Worlds! Support like yours makes my day! :raritywink:

Thank you for the favorite of An Extended Holiday May you enjoy the story. If you like something, please let us know, we appreciate all feedback.

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