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We live, we love, we die. Hopefully in that time I can leave something of value, so tonight I type away at my keyboard to clear my head of these stories. I hope you enjoy.

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I'm Back Baby · 3:22am May 18th, 2014

Hello everypony that even cares to read my blog posts... I really have no idea how many would. Anyways, I have just gotten back from "my extended leave" and I can finally begin working once again on my stories. While I was away I had far too much time to think and not actually do something, but luckily for any of you out there that actually enjoy my writings I will be able to pass on these seemingly pointless ruminations. I have decided after a lot of thought to cease writing on anything other

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your picture though <3

I'm guessing you have abandoned your stories.


You are still writing humans in equestria right?

As to your comment about writing a Torch fic. Go for it, my only stipulations would be to ask that you hold off until I take this story to part 2, and that you give my original story a shout out in yours. Other than changing the canon I have established with it, go right on ahead.

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