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We live, we love, we die. Hopefully in that time I can leave something of value, so tonight I type away at my keyboard to clear my head of these stories. I hope you enjoy.


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  • THumans in Equestria
    Two average males find themselves suddenly taken to Equestria by a freak happening, and are quick to learn that it isn't anything like what they had hoped. Now having been turned into children they have to navigate the world and find their way h
    Dyon · 101k words  ·  533  37 · 9.8k views
  • TThe Day It Began
    One fateful day Twilight uses a summoning spell to bring a mysterious being from another world to Equestria. Unknown to her this sets off a chain of events that will change the world forever. This could change Equestria for the worse or better.
    Dyon · 101k words  ·  155  16 · 6.9k views
  • TMy Mind In Equestria
    Separated from her body the mind of a young woman makes the painful journey to Equestria
    Dyon · 10k words  ·  52  4 · 1.4k views
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  • TAfterlight
    After his death a pony must follow the orders of the princess to find eternal peace.
    Dyon · 14k words  ·  10  1 · 759 views
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