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We live, we love, we die. Hopefully in that time I can leave something of value, so tonight I type away at my keyboard to clear my head of these stories. I hope you enjoy.


One fateful day Twilight uses a summoning spell to bring a mysterious being from another world to Equestria. Unknown to her this sets off a chain of events that will change the world forever. It is up to Twilight and her new visitor to decide if these changes will be for the better.

Chapters (15)
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this story is awesome

i want to read MOAR, when are you going to update?
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5 moustaches for you

Nice.... NICE!
Please, write more.:twilightsmile:

Grammatical errors galore, but I overall get the gist of it. Just don't rip off The End in the communication spell, okay?

I am... Intrigued... Shall be tracking.

"Posey nodded and trotted over to where I was sitting and looked up at me. I was guessing that the “shy” part of her name meant that she was naturally bashful."

“I got a party to plan.” Surprise pie stated"

....... Ok wtf?


what are you reading?

396894 Sry. figured out it was from April Fools day prank.

Nice! I've got my eyes on this one! How often will it be updated?

Thinking of writing another chapter tonight.

........ ok then.... im guessing Apollo is exactly like his Greek namesake? God of music and prophecy and all that?

I will explain more about that later.

this is awesome, MOAR NOW!!!:flutterrage:

Damn! Wish I could play a magical/imaginary guitar!

OOOOH I bet the human will save the day! :yay::yay:

Ah.... methinks Celestia suspects hes hiding something.

lol Luna requesting 'Starway to Heaven'

I like this story so far

Glad u guys liked it.

Yay its the intro to the show :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing! MOAR!!:flutterrage: :pinkiehappy:

Why is it that all the stories I choose to read always have chapters with terrible cliffhangers? :ajbemused:

I hate cliffhangers SSSOOO much...

Sorry i just couldnt think of a better line to end the chapter on.

The dialogue-only chapters are really annoying.


Found a nice guide about how to punctuate dialogue correctly and went through everything so far to correct it. Thanks for pointing it out. I hope it is easier to read now.

Huh. Nice world building. In fact, you put world building in your world building so you can create while you create.

Purely Amazing chapter!!! Keep up this Excellent work!!:pinkiehappy:


I wonder, does he still have the Rock of Destiny? I kind of feel like something that powerful should not be forgotten.

Interesting lore you made here, very well done.

I forgot this was about FIM for the most part XD


With this chapter in mind, it REALLY changes how the first chapters read. Good show.

Shh. we are not to think about that.

Also thanks for all the feedback i was worried this chapter might be ill received.

This is just... wow. I cant explain it really. Its just... good. It was fun to read though a little confusing at times. Sometimes its difficult to pick up a story after it hasnt been read in a long time. Hard to remember the stuff from the first chapters you know?

rock of destiny? that reminds me of Puppy Smiles main weapon :pinkiehappy:

What started out in my eyes to be a very confusing chapter turned out to be very epic in the end. Good job! This chapter alone made me add this to my favorites.

Oooh Discord again... this should be fun.

this is going to be bad...

This was the last chapter before all of the serious plot stuff begins to happen.

There is evil afoot! Evil I say!!! EEEEVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't the protagonist already know the Celestia and Luna used to be human, and if that's so why don't they know about human dietary needs?

Regardless, it's nice to see a good dream sequence for once.

If you recall when they first arrived on the planet they do not remember where they came from or anything else other than their names. So although they knew that he was human they did not really know about his diet. You do make a good point though I would have assumed the princesses would have at least told the cooks to make something different for him but whatever its no big deal.:pinkiecrazy:


To elaborate. The one that was awake during the day, and would have been able to tell the cooks to change the menu was Celestia. Celestia doesn't really like him or is at least wary of him, and decided not to do it. Maybe she wanted to see what he would do when served with things he couldn't eat. Or maybe the idea that he would be served things that he couldn't eat never crossed her mind.

ya it's all good I really do not think it's that big of a deal but thanks for clarifying.

I forget can the human talk?

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