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Writing 101: Lesson one · 2:04pm February 3rd

Might as well start doing these little things alongside me re-writing of the story, both to put words and structure around what I think and also to offer it up to people that did and will again ask me about writing tips. So, lesson one:

You should get comfortable and grab a drink because this will be a long one.

Creating a character

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Still doing the final rewrite of the story. Just the fact that I'm distilling what would have been a four story "epic" into a single story alone has taken a shitload of refining, over and over and over. It will not be the same as the four stories would have been though, but I did write that whole synopsis explaining where I would have gone with the original pieces. Don't know if that is still floating around somewhere.

I did put "within 2018" as my deadline so I still have some time left. Clock is ticking though, I agree.

Been reading a new epic..does the title 'mord sith' mean anything to you? The sword of truth has a lot of similarities to the starlit path, not that I'm trying to do anything but understand. The execution of machinations and starlit path leave a little to be improved on, but it's mostly grammar, which i could attribute to belonging to a different culture or having edited the story so many times that some things simply got overlooked. But the complexity of the story, from beginning to end, can only be appreciated with multiple read throughs. the word 'neither' has never held so much meaning as it did to me through this story, trix and karon's life are meant to.. Date i even guess? I guess not, and promise's role is even more cloudy after jormundand's revelations..i could be completely wrong, but im grasping at strings here, having been pulled back to your story even after reading published works suck as the inheritance series, the runelords, and the sword of truth (which is quite lengthy and interesting). I guess my point, even if you're tired of hearing it, or havent heard it enough, is that this story needs an ending. Its modern, completionist take on the universe, religion and the ties that bind all of them together, and magic just.. Makes sense.is this story the birth of a new god?... you being in the hall of the unsung wether you plan on finishing the story or not, and if not, I'll die wondering what was to become of the Karon.. I guess my question is.. Have you given up or are you just fine tuning everything? Where do you sit in the creative process?

That's okay. Just glad that you're still working on it :D

Moving forward but I think far from done. Deadline is 2018 so there's still time to do it properly.

Hey mate.
I'm sure you still get questions, but I wanted to ask how MoaT is coming along? And if you're still working on it.

Sorry for being an obnoxious butt, and have a nice day :twilightsmile:

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