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A drop-out mage that meddles in things forbidden should take care not to be caught, and if one is, the last thing you'd want to get caught by is a trickster god with a sense of humor.
Add a unicorn lost in limbo in need of help getting back home, and the beginning of a journey fraught with danger, mystery and trickery is set. A journey to find the way to the ultimate goal he's been chasing for years, but which can only be found if he learns the answer to the question of what it means to be a trickster.

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What happened to all the comments?

Vanished with the deleted chapters apparently. And yes, I'm still alive and back at it.

You can't get rid of me that easily I survived the last reset ill survive this one! I WILL READ THIS STORY!

At this point I have to ask. A third time? What was wrong with the second and first iterations? I kinda regret not keeping the .html I had of the first iteration if only to compare it to the new material. It's your story so do your thing, but it's getting kinda odd at this point.

Perspective has a tendency to change upon reflection. Think of it more as me understanding the story itself more and more and finding a better way to shape it. Which is why I'm taking my sweet time with it this time, because there's no going back. Let's just say the third times the charm.

Edit: The old story is available if you just google it, easy to find.

Duuuuuuude! It's back! Brother, how are you doing!

Wasn't this a yuge and completed story at some point? why delete the thing to reset it instead of making a new story? I am amazed that you can just delete so much hard work :D

Alright, take number three. Let's go.:rainbowdetermined2:


In all seriousness I wish you the best with this iteration. :)

One more time.
One. More. Time.

Okay i still like the rarity angle.

Welp, looks like I'm back on the ride. Count me in, coach.

Oh... Oh my :rainbowderp:
It's here! :pinkiehappy:

Does this mean that the entirety is done, like you talked about a while back? Whatever the case, I'm so happy to see it return!

I never got around the 1st or 2nd iterations so I'm a 1st-timer! You definitely have me hooked and waiting for more.

It's happening!

Alrighty! It's back up and hopefully here to stay. You know what they say, third time's the charm and all that.
Time to strap in, grab some snacks, and see what this lovely story has in store for us this time!


You're remaking it? Awesome, this was one of my favourite stories years ago, I was looking forward to the sequel but this is good too.

Oh, a reset? Hmm, I'll stick around for this.

Whew, I got a little spooked until I read the comments, hek I'll read this story again :moustache: -- I think i might have missed either the first iteration

I read half of the first but never actually finished reading it. I remember really liking it but I lost interest over time. Would like to see where this reboot goes.

What happened with the story?

Oh, starting over again?

Too bad you phoned in the twist ahead of time this go-around.

I will read this story no matter how many times you reboot it

Also, typo.


What "twist" was that exactly?

Just general FYI:
I'm doing this properly this time since I won't be returning to this story again. But it's my first work and it kept irking me it was never completed- but I'm also working within a better framework now.
Ideally, you should always right the whole thing as a first draft, then go back and refine the story over and over until all the pieces are connected and the story is whole. Can't do that now, since it would require me to treat it like a full time job.
So I will be publishing each separate segment as they are written and refined, not chapter by chapter, but segment/arc by segment/arc. I posted the prologue as a why of stating I'm working on it again and haven't given up, it's has just been written and deleted and written and deleted over and over behind the scenes, but I finally got it where I want it now.
Just be patient and it will be up when it's ready, and it will be worth it.


Referring to how it's Rarity this go-around (like the second attempt was) and not Twilight

lol, wasn't meant as a twist. Was irrationally worried for a moment there you'd managed to puzzle something out.

I believe I have a full pdf of the original two installments in pdf format, if'n you really want em. Not really formatted though.

Ahhh i remember this wonderful gem of a story. Loved how this story got tweaked a little bit so now its familiar and new at the same time. So much promise this story has...

One thing of note though is the typographical error on a small part of the story:

ARGH! Calm down, you're gonna made my head explode,” he shouted back, and tried to focus his eyes.

made should be changed to make.

Love this story so much. Thank you author for working on this story once again.

Same here. This story is one of my all time favorites.

I see new cover art! :D

It's more of a placeholder than anything else.

I still like it.

So you completely scrapped the first version of the story? Is there anywhere i can read it again? Im all for improvements, but i quite liked the first run through

Wow, you actually grew up to realize how bad it was and nuked the whole thing to start over?
Color me impressed, most folks never get around to that, certainly not fanfic writers.

Do you have any kind of deadline set for yourself of when you hope to finish the first part?

2018. But that's for the whole fic, not any part. As it looks right now I'll publish it when the entire thing is done and polished. If I crack or get too busy with other things I might divide it and publish sections at a time.

Well all I can say is I really look forward to it

You rebooted the story?

Anyway, I'll be following.

I loved the original, but I've no faith anything will come of this. I've too much experience working with software to trust rewrites.

I'd rather you just do what you talked about doing in the blog post you had on gdrive ages ago.

eight months later and so far nothing else has been posted so yeah seems you were right not to hope.

It's a shame 'cause I really can't think of anything the original did wrong that would warrant a rewrite. Maybe that's just nostalgia speaking since I haven't read it in 5 or so years.


Still in progress ye of little faith. I did give a somewhere in 2018 deadline and that's still on. But I am writing a huge book and won't be releasing anything until it's all pretty much done and have gone through 2-3 drafts and editing. Did it the first time in all the ways you're not supposed to write, so doing it professional style now.

The amount of polish and rewrites and such is ridiculous in comparison, but it does give a better idea of the process of writing something original you mean to publish, so good practice- which is the reason I'm writing fanfics in the first place.

Time for my bi-yearly check-in.
How's the story coming along, Deviance?

Quite well. See you in 6 months :ajsmug:

I'm here for by bi-annual check-in! Time to get a progress report from Dev...
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Uh oh

Hey man, I just want to say that you are a really good writer. I read the origional Machinations of a trickster something like 8 years ago when I was only 14. I've been reading my whole life, but your writing is what cemented my love for stories, and is what made me want to try my hand at writing. Other media has been forgotten, but the story beats of MoaT have stuck with me (I had no idea what a tragedy was, but after that I was hooked. No other story had made me feel such intense emotion over a fictional character)
I hope wherever you are, you are doing something you enjoy, and that one day you decide to start writing again.
Just know that even if you never realise it, you are impacting heaps of people in a positive way, it's always important to remember that with how depressing society is nowadays.

And out of nowhere I suddenly receive notifications about several people sending me all kinds of sweet pms and messages like this almost at the same time. Thank you. Last few years have been kind of shit and I haven't had the time or energy to devote to more leisure activities like writing. I do still have the story and some of it is done, but since I don't have any confidence in my ability to be able to devote time enough to release steady chapter updates, I will keep it as it is until eventually the entire thing is done. So, waiting for better times or just the moments I can spend on it, it will get done at some point.

New ETA, sometime this new decade.

That's fine man, take all the time you need. Too many people get caught up in the reading and forget that the authors aren't just word factories. Even so though, I'm looking forward to it when it comes!

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