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No one must ever know about my SECRET DESIRE to write a mlp fanfiction.


Adoptable idea 13 · 8:14am Nov 25th, 2016

Finally made it to lucky number thirteen. For some reason, I prefer and have absolutely no trouble writing introductions. But when it comes down to actually doing more than that, I don't know... Maybe I just don't like seeing things complete. Maybe some deep seeded fear of absolute finality, of closure. Who knows, really?

I let a friend read it over to get his opinion. He said it was really dark.
Anyway, here's the thing.

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I like your Fluttershy Samus Aran profile icon.:ajsmug:

Thanks for the Watch!

Woot! Thanks for the watch!


Comment posted by Pedro Hander deleted Apr 16th, 2014

Thank you for favoriting "The Glowmelon Mystery". After reading your 'Forward', I've decided to follow you and see what the first fic you will upload will be. :twilightsmile:

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