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1883434 I'm glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy my stories when you finally get around to them!

This whole entire video panel that I watched made me found you and search you up.

Hey good job on the panel and nice tips!

I'll check out and read your FanFics, they look cool and you look like a cool person! 20% more cooler! :rainbowkiss:

Stay strong, stay positive, stay inspired, stay professional, stay gold and take care!

Hey, thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

thanks for the watch!
enjoy my chaos

Thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the watch! What did I do to earn it?

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Not that much on FiMFiction. · 10:50pm Jan 31st, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen...

As many of you know, especially from the title.

I'm not that much on FiMFiction anymore.

Its because:
1. I joined many websites such as deviantART, FanFiction, YouTube, etc... And I can't go on and do everything, just one or two or three. I just can't keep it up no more.
2. School and my personal life is keeping me very busy. Responsibilities.

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