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Ponyvania update · 3:25pm August 13th

lets start with intros first!:twilightsmile:

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np! hope there's a sequel to that!:rainbowkiss:

Gracias for the watch and for adding How To Catch An Applejack to your favourites!


With love, from England,

- FireRain 💛

im doing some ponywatching myself!

Thank you very much for the follow, and for adding 'Ponywatching' to your bookshelf!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the follow and for adding Cards Against Starlight to your tracking!

Thanks for the follow as well! :twilightsmile:

im just sad i did not get to vote.....:raritydespair:

Thanks for adding Emerson's Story - An Interaction Story to your libraries! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

hope to read moar of it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for tracking my story, The Ones From Beyond.

hope to read more HIE fics!:twilightsmile:


Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

I'ts probably for the best. Which is why I had metaphorically put my story to a halt. I had even wrote a author info about my reasons why I had decided to not continuing that while also telling that if would continuing that despite the flaw, I would had done that under new form.

My principal reason for doing so is because I feared to have done anti comedy... Which quite irks me since there are some people that won't tolerate that.

Don't even bother to comment. Is just a vent on my own.

well i did like the concept and depth of the fic but along the way it kinda weirded me out and after that i got lost and did not know who to ask/look for in the story....:facehoof:
try another genre maybe thats where ur skills are!:twilightsmile:

Is destructive indeed.... But that Is what I needed but no one seemed to bother to even tell me about that. And it took some troll that featured the story in two groups featuring bad fanfics to realize some of that before even asking that question to you.

As I had suspected this story has some flaws(Put alone the grammar error due to my haste and sheer laziness), and yet some people seemed to like it. There is also a little bit of forced humor that I felt lurking in the corner but It felt minimal. I don't know if I can continue because of one reason:

Putting aside the fact that this story looked less a interesting, innovative concept and more like a mash up in between MLP Magic is Witchcraft and Transformers movies(In my opinion), this story, the likes and the comments about the story being solid made consider that maybe this fanfic can be summed up in one word: Misguided.

And since I don't know if I would continue this, allow me to share to you, and someone else who is looking at this page, a major spoiler.

As you said, I didn't had introduced the main character properly. That was intentional since I leave some hint about his lore through the dreams and his own point of view as the story goes. That wouldn't had lasted for long since I wanted him, or at least his background and identity, to be revealed during the episode in which Discord appeared. Yes, I was aiming at that point, but right now I don't even know if I can continue a project of this magnitude.

Also, regarding Videogame Logic and the votation thing, It is a very innovative concept, but I got way too carried away with that not have realized that. I tried to balance that with that patch and the other things. I half screwed that up.

People seemed to like this story despite the flaws, but right now I would consider a story. That, more or less, is just what I said it was from the start: A experiment. I would continue this story for a little bit because I wanted to see what happen next, but consider that one day I would decide to put this story to rest to prepare something else. After all, I have also my other projects to take care off.

I literally appreciate that explosion of criticism I was looking for. Plus, for real comedy you should check up 'A Dream' from totallynotabrony!, which is one thousand better than this. In case you had read it already well... good to know.

honestly.... this might sound destructive crticism BUT the fic has a lot of flaws in it.....:twilightsmile:

1 flow of story a bit fast (pacing will go a long way):twilightsheepish:

2 gaming logic needs more refinement, the items or skills he acquires is a bit boring and mundane to be "FUCKED UP" as you said.
the story gives of the feeling of playing a game instead of immersing into the story itself and whatnot, coz the MC is trying to find something questlike even it did not even gave him any introduction of any sort.:pinkiegasp:

3 the reward system is kinda unique but that uniqueness is also part of the as to why the fic "sucks" w/o background on who or what is giving out the "quests" and "rewards" people will not get into the idea or reading such fics it needs to have a certain omnipotent/ supernatural being OR phenomenon that is controlling it behind the scenes and such beings and/or phenomenon needs to have a bit of a solid background on it for readers to have an idea of sorts.:rainbowhuh:

4 MC is like a trying hard actor that feels like he is saying one thing then another, but it doesnt FEEL like it is his personality its like a mish-mash of cool characters and bad ass people all merged into one being (your OC) and it needs more work. it needs to be consistent.:facehoof:

5.what might be a good idea at first might not be good if you try to relay it to a lot of people first before writing it.:trollestia:

Did you know that MLP Postmortem was added in two groups as a worst fanfic?

Now let me ask you one question. How did you end up like the story?

Do you have the time to read this blog and respond please?

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