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NOFAP challenge!!! · 1:47am Last Thursday

ive seen and heard a lot of challenges in the net but this really takes the cake in all of it, and i cant say ive seen nor heard anyone doing this challenge!:rainbowlaugh:

I CHALLENGE YOU....... yes you the person reading this now to take on the NOFAP challenge and be known throughout this community as someone who has BLUE BALLS!!!:yay:

any takers?:trollestia:

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You know, I remembered that I never properly thanked you for the follow back in 2017. SO here it is. Thanks for the follow!

hehehe! im acually waiting for the end of todays shift so that i can go gome and read this!:trollestia:

dude i really got hooked on the the human and you verse fic you made!:twilightsmile:

really like the OPness of it!:moustache:

Thanks for the follow, may I ask how I earned it?

Thank you for the tracking :D

no prob! hope for MOAR HIE's in your stories!:trollestia:

Hey, wanted to say thanks for the follow, I really appreciate the support.

ranger series....really liked how this cowboy is really down to earth and mean at the same time honest and fair you know.:twilightsmile:

i kinda picture him like tim mcgraw kinda buff country singer!:trollestia:

Which one are you reading, Ranger series or PVFD series?

not a problem bruh.....:pinkiehappy:
reading the fic made tear up (almost)!:moustache:
hope for more and hope the fic gets an ending!:yay:

Thank you so much for the follow. It really is humbling when people want to read my chicken scratches. :twilightsmile:

well it interested me in the least that another type of militaristic HIE is being written and ive only read chapter 1 for now but it seems really intriguing!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding The Guardians to your favorite list. What is your favorite part so far.

that comes with a price!:moustache:
a fair trade for the watch is MOAR!! chapters!:trollestia:

Thanks for the watch.

sorry dude got caught up with so much reading with a lot of HIE OP fics for the last few months.....:twilightsheepish:
and WORK!!!:facehoof: damn stupid work!:flutterrage: y u not make my life easy!:trollestia:
ill take a look on those chapters you made!:twilightsmile:
hope to see more chapters!:yay:

Hey, Alucard here, Came on over when I didn't see you comment for a few chapters on Prince of Darkness. and was wondering if you gave up on it during my hiatus. Not that I could blame you I was gone for quite a while. Anyway just wanted to stop by and say Hi.

*points at pic*

  • Viewing 177 - 196 of 196
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