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Writing is a new hobby of mine, and I want to share it with you. From my proud city I shall write and from there I will read. xluferx is similar to my name but I prefer Lufer

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I've never forgotten! · 4:27am Sep 1st, 2017

The title SAYS IT, I ve never forgotten about this story, well theorical speaking I did intentionally forget for partial reset and staRt forming, skecthing how I wanted it to really go without all of this annoyance of MLP going around. So I focused for quite a while on writing in fanfiction for a clear mind and reading on NovelUpdates, expanding boundaries and learning new point of views about certain things and other things. (Also I went to some pretty fucked up places...seriously fuked up)

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MY own rules for this site

If you are reading this then you're reading my rules that I 've put to myself for this site, I'm pretty sure that you guys have yours own rules, if not ...well i don't know what to say.
Either way, I'm sharing this with you I don't know why but still I'm doing it

MY own Rules

1. No rapefics, they are just disgusting whatever it is (M/F, M/M, F/F, F/M) Rape is bad no matter what

2.No incest fics, is wrong but if you like that stuff is okay i won't judge, I was raised by a good family and taught me a lot of things about morals and others

3. No princest,(technically is incest also) maybe it can be fun encounter a bit of it in the plot but it must stay there.

4. No homosexual shipping, I really respect that people and accept them but I just can't read a fic that is about the same gender shipping, although I can make an exception but othing more. I'm prefer straight ships, but i can pass it off if there is a bit of that kind of hipping but is not important for the story and the focus is on the straight ship.

5. No Princesses x any of the Mane 6 members, so that summ up all of those ships like Twilestia, Moonlight, Celestiaxrarity, CandacexTwilight, or whatever ships that you could think. Even if a lot of people love them then I don't form part in that group. Heack guys! Just no.

6.No mane 6 shipping between them, What I'm trying to say here is that they can't be just be friends and nothing more? Just a group of girls(mares) that likes each other company and have fun?

7.Rule #6 doesn't count if the shipping ie of the members who are yu pairing is genderswapped, in others words I would gladly accept it if the ship which you're doing is a straight couple, I mean things like that tends to happen you know? Best friends for a long time sometimes have the tendency to one of them develop feelings for the other.

8. No Foalcon, that's a term to say pedophile in other words. So let's leave it there, unless is a troll fic and I just want to laugh.(this only count to stories that have mature contents, cute sotries are fine)

So those are my rules, and I know that a couple of them sounds hypocrite but c'mon don't judge because I don't judge you with your tastes and I have my reasons.
I havce to fix them after learning more about the society that we are currently living. I really needed to set the things straight in my head.

I watch this everytime when I feel a bit stressed