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Just a girl who loves to write.

All About Aelthya~

Hello everypony and welcome to my page. Please, allow me to introduce myself.

I am a twenty three year old college student and I rather enjoy reading, writing, singing, dancing, and obviously writing fanfictions. I am always willing to try something new and have started to play around with some ideas for my pony OCs.

The pony art was done by the talented Arylett-Charnoa. It was a commission from ARareSight.

Blog Posts

  • 153 weeks
    Stress, Tears, and Headaches || How are you holding up, Ael?

    Hey guys~

    Wow. I feel like I haven't been here on FIM in forever. I'm probably going to keep this short, since its after 4 in the morning and I've just come off of a ridiculous emotional meltdown, but I wanted to check in with you guys and just repeat that Echoing Silence and Elements of the Undead are NOT being abandoned. I WILL pick them up and continue them, I swear. I just have so much on my plate and things haven't been easy.

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  • 170 weeks
    Biggest Fear is Reality || What Now?

    It happened.

    The test results have finally come back and my father indeed has a malignant tumor in his lung. It has been stated that he will have to go through surgery or chemo and radiation therapy, which he will be going through starting this week. Today he begins both with a vicious cycle to try and get rid of this. The upside? He doesn't seem to be as affected, or he just doesn't understand the severity of the situation. The downside? I am having a hard time breathing and not crying.

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  • 180 weeks
    WHERE DID YOU GO?! |News and Updates|

    H-Hello, everypony. Aelthya here and I'm sure you have a million and one questions for me right now, so I'm going to attempt to answer a few. I know I've been gone for goddess only knows how long, and I want to apologize. There are a million and ones things to apologize and explain, but I will do my best to answer everything here. You are also welcomed to ask me anything in the comments and I will do my best to reply.

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  • 205 weeks
    ES Chapter Nine: What was the delay? Elements: Chapter Two?

    Hello every pony!

    I wanted to give you guys a little info on the upcoming chapters. First, I want to discuss Echoing Silence:

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  • 209 weeks
    Stress Reliever: Elements of the Undead

    Equestria: a peaceful land of ponies with open borders, and relations, to many other countries around all of Equis.

    At least, it was.

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Updates and Status

Updated: May 29th, 2016

While waiting for my editor to get through the gruesomely long Chapter Nine for Echoing Silence, my fiance has sent me his latest chapter for Fluttershy's Wyntre Sonnet. I am currently editing this as a top priority. However, I may have a treat for you all sometime this week. I'll be sure to let you all know when that happens!

Have a Happy Weekend!

Requests or Commentary

Hey everyone~

Since my time is mostly freed up, especially since it is officially summer break for me, I want to make everyone aware that I am open for any sort of communication. I am opening myself to actually help edit stories, idea bouncing, brainstorming, or just having general discussions about the show up to season five's finale. I am currently still behind in the show, but some binge Netflixing is starting to catch me up! Unfortunately, since my fiance and I watch MLP together, I have to wait for him to get home from work.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in this, please let me know. Feel free to shoot me a private message and we can hash out the details, or discussions, there!

Happy reading! ♥

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I managed to find a link to some fiction site but there isn't much there, she may not be coming back. We will have to wait and see what happens I'm afraid.

Let's hope that Echoing Silence gets a proper ending and that the author is alright. It is quite sad but it may not be too late if
we have some confirmation that the author is alright and they plan on completing the story some time in the future. If there is some real life stuff going
on then they should focus on fixing that first, but I hope they don't forget about us, since we won't forget about them!

Are your stories dead?

Thank you! through ARareSight's generosity, I was given a commission for an OC. ^-^

That OC is adorable

Thanks for liking my crap.

Thank you for the Watch. :twilightsmile:

cute new avatar

Just finished reading what you've finished of Echoing Silence so far and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your interpretation of the characters is particularly good and I am looking forward to seeing where the story will go from here. Hope life treats you well and the current situation improves. Good stories are worth being patient for but life must come first :-)

  • Viewing 16 - 25 of 25
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