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Greetings all and welcome to my page. I tend to write stories of a darker nature though I enjoy reading a wide range of stories. I hope you find something of interest here, have a good day.

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Happy New Year Readers! · 7:57am January 1st

Well well well, seems we all made it another year. Shows still going strong, got a good movie this year and arguably the best season of the series and easily (IMO) the best episode in the series with A Royal Problem.

Lots happened this year, i'm wondering my dear readers what is a personal story for you? Can be anything. Finding a $100 on the side walk or you could have simply had a good run in a game.

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Heya! Thanks for checking out that little story of mine called A New Equestria! Hope you enjoyed the little read. If you did, consider leaving a like, maybe? That'd be awesome!

Cheers, and happy new year! :twilightsmile:

was a misclick as i am on a tablet.

but yes, it sounded interesting so i added it to read later.

You've added my story to SIX bookshelves? I'm flattered! Although I would like to point out that "Lost" will not feature any content from "Equestria Girls".

Thank you for the bookshelf adds!

Yes! Someone gets it! It's hard to catch attention, mostly due people's lack of time, so I'm glad you saved it for later because you were busy :D

  • Viewing 446 - 450 of 450
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