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Changes and Edits · 6:18pm Jun 3rd, 2015

I come to those who enjoy my story The Legend of Zelda: Friendship is Magic in a time of need. I haven't been able to write much because of a bunch of stressful stuff going on in my life and I would love to get back to writing, however I feel that some major edits are in need. So I come to you guys for help. If you guys think something should be changed, then comment below or PM me and I will take the edits into consideration, or I might explain to you why it needs to remain the same.

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1680872 I'll really try to get a chapter out by tomorrow or sunday, i don't plan on being busy.

I hate to be rude and such but I must know something that is as of the past week or so, is the story you entitled Dentistry Sucks getting updated anytime soon? It's a new idea (or as I have heard for my searches have been in vane with this couple). Reply as soon as possable.
Yours truly

1169457 Because the ability to wield multiple Personas is call the Wild Card.

1168913 I am slightly confused about your accusations. Could you explain?

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