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I'm Not Dead!!! · 6:56am Jul 15th, 2015

Contrary to what most of you probably are thinking, I am not dead...maybe. Hmmmmm...Ima go with living dead for this one considering that's how I have been feeling with work lately. Anyway! I have not forgotten about this fic nor have I given up on writing it. I had in fact been writing far ahead of what was posted not only for The Night's Shadow, but also my Pokemon fic and another MLP fic. thats right my fellow fic enthusiasts, I have in the making (chapter one re-written) another

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Thank you for the fave.

Says is not dead. Still no updates in two years

*sits down and stares unblinkingly at SL*

1361179 it changed since i commented danke very much...
Because you know... a comment 27 weeks ago isn't very ACCURATE.

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