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A group of where GTA V crossovers go. I will add stories, but if you guys find more or make them, post them here. Thank you.

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Franklin is way better then Trevor for a reason. At the end, can Trevor kill Franklin? NO! So, that means that Franklin is better then Trevor. He is also better then Micheal because he can also die at the end. Trevor's death is painful though. He gets BURNED ALIVE. They kind of foreshadowed it in the game though.:scootangel: I killed none of them. But before I finished that part, I saved outside of Franklin's house so I can just jump right back there and see the different endings. I liked not killing them (option C) WAY better then any other one. But if I had to kill either one, like I couldn't have an option C, Trevor would have died.:derpyderp2: Because Trevor sucks.


Jason Da Clown wuz here!:derpytongue2:

350719 I yelled at my friend because he killed him at the end, don't know why, just made me mad.

340706 because trevor is .. well trevor.

Sharks on land my friend.

F in equestria.

"Man what kind of bullshit is this?"

The crew (sp33dy, jahova, d20, deluxe4, shadow,sidearms, legion) in equestria,

is it just me or all the stories about trevor

Because Trevor is really funny, insane, murderous, etc.
And M (forgot how to spell his name :derpytongue2:) Is more of a family man who thought that sense all his worthless didn't bring him happiness he should steal more worthless money to be happy.
(But, I guess that's why you like him so I'm sorry that there isn't any about him.)

How come every story here is about T?:ajbemused:

Why not, i dont know...M

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