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Eyyy, I'm walkin' here.

How To Make Meth:

Look, you anti-Lanky piece of fuck. I am this close to bringing Ivan along to send you to a fucking gulag. You'd better not mess with me, you scrubstronaut, you don't even know what I look, sound, or even fucking taste like. And you never will; because I'm a pancakestronaut motherfucker. I will drop-kick the fuck out of your fucking grandmother if you put any fucking condiments on me. And oh, let us not forget who'll be watching you the next time you go outside, me. The next time you have a meal, me. The next time you have sex with Kermit the frog, ME. You fucking Chinese ISIS Brussels bombing Irishrealian shithead.

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Comment posted by Chad deleted Jun 30th, 2016

Yeah, I've labeled it as a side project. Don't worry, it's still in the making.

Remember the shovel man story
Man goes to a guard and says ima hit you with a shovel and guard hits shovel away man then pulls out another shovel then that shovel is hit away and the man pulls out another shovel the guard the says WHERE DO YOU KEEP GETTING THESE SHOVELS the man replied saying I HAVE NO IDEA

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