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chrustnas suck >:/

Name: crimhow

Age: 19

Gender: man

Date of Birth: monday

Place of Birth: Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center - Las Vegas, Nevada
3186 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Race: man

Occupation: occupied

Current place of residence: Arizona :D
Voice type (What it sounds like. If you like, list a voice actor who you think would best put life into your OC.): what a white obama would sound like

Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits:

Education level: about 5

Hierarchy/social standing: big

Hair color and type: black goku

Eye color: brown goku

Skin tone: goku

Scars or physical deformities: nop sorry

Mental illnesses: probably

Height: 150

Weight: 5"9

Body type: gamer

Favorite color: back an red

Favorite food: coke

Likes: dreagon ball goku, sora kingdom, my pony, pokemon antho, sipknot, popeyes.

Dislikes: bully, legiopn cesar, stomcloaks, thalmar, instute. rairoad, game watch, gubby, The noise someone makes when they suck on their finger.

Religious Preference:athest

Strengths: i can live 50 can been at same time probably

Weaknesses:cat open pickle har

Family: a lot

Pets: all dead

Role model: kanye goku

Fears: none

Goals: be goku


Relationships/Love interests: harmen pokmon poney

Allies: goku flowey ash from pomon sora spoingebob beau santa Michael Jackson
josh graham Corey Tailor foxy from fnat golden fredrt

Enemies:freiza puple guy rex paystation

Sexual partners: pokemon beau poney

Hobbies and interests: game man fnaf

I'm crippled from the neck up.

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