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Hard Reset. Chapter 3. · 12:47pm Apr 12th, 2014


After month and half of work and profreading i finaly can realise my translate this chapter! *yay*
I thank my profreaders: Veon, Hariester and Mirthblaze. Without you guys all this will never happen. Thank You.

Realise will be in 15:00 UTC(Or 19:00 on Moscow time(UTC+4))

If someone want check https://darkpony.ru/
I will place direct link after realise( or then i wake up).

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2379656 You welcome!

Thanks a bunch for adding More Than Immortal to your bookshelf! :twilightsmile:

2263655 You're welcome bro! :)

Thanks for adding my story to one of your shelves!

hey i know this is weird but the third chapter of Lost in Darkness is almost done. once its published, do you think you'll still be intrested?

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