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Home for all stories set within the Cadanceverse, an AU in which Princess Cadance is the Princess of Equestria, and the Elements of Harmony are wielded by musicians! Join Vinyl Scratch (Magic), Octavia Philharmonica (Honesty), Lyra Heartstrings (Kindness), Fluttershy (Generosity), Medley (Loyalty), and Bluenote (Laughter) as they defend Equestria from all sorts of threats, learn about friendship... and make some wonderful music while they are at it.

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I love Alternate Universe stories and these ones take the cake.

When I heard about this group, I decided to join, but when I say the number of members and saw that it was in the late 50s, I decided to wait until the group had 65 members so that I could be member # 66 so that I can write this sentence:

“¡Execute order #66!”
Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious)

is it just me, or is fimfic eating other people's thread posts? (much less even post a new thread in the first place >.<)

319421 Sure, why not. Maybe start a thread with basic music terminology for those that know nothing?

Want me to explain the numbers for you :rainbowwild:

317535 Heck, you're better off than me. I'm tone deaf, don't even know how to read music, and have no real knowledge of music to the point that I don't get the difference between 4:4 and 3:4 on music sheets. But I know writing.

Oh yes! I am very weak in music theories, and I don't have a background in string at all! This is something that's been making me worried about the C!Verse when it comes to writing about Octavia. It'll be lovely to have somebody in the know on-board about the academics of music!

We don't have and intro thread so...
Hey, uhm, I'm Music. Cellist, dancer, and music minor (was in music ed actually) and really want to be a part of this 'verse*.

At the moment, I'm lacking in confidence with my writing (though one shots haven't been so bad), but I will gladly help bounce ideas, theory, sound science, prettymuchanythingmusicrelated around with others. I'd also be willing to be a pre-reader if someone would like (but I can't be an in-depth editor, sorry) or assist in any way I can to make up for not wanting to write (at least of now).

Tomorrow I plan on reading through the treads in the forum and beginning to ...integrate (?) myself or at least the other leading members so far. (I really need to go to bed right now)
And thanks for creating such an interesting concept.

*I mean, look at my user name and look at the description of the 'verse.

Edit: I was glancing around real quick before logging off, and noticed that it appears many of you have also worked in the Lunaverse. I've only randomly read some of the stories, and have no idea how the colab was set up. Is there anything I should know to help here?
And sorry about the wall text ^_^;

Hello new shared universe! This is going to be fun. Let's see what insanity we can build here!

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