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Happy 2020! · 4:35am January 1st

Happy new year everyone!

This was a good year--and a good decade--for me. I hit several major personal milestones (including finally wrapping up the PhD), got to do a lot of travel, and I wrote a lot, both in the Lunaverse, for other fanfiction series, and my own original works. Sure, there's always a few regrets, but all in all I'm quite satisfied with how the last decade went.

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2310943 : Thanks for letting me know!

Hi! Just so you're aware, I did a review of your story "The Music of Ponyville." You can find it here.

Your stories can be pretty dark, and aren't my style but... I love them none the less, Sonata's Hunger is what first got me in on FimFiction, and Going Home convinced me to join! Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

Hey i wad wondering are there going to be a sequel to going home

As I said, that's your prerogative.

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