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Brand new year! · 12:55am Jan 3rd, 2022

I hope everyone had a really good 2021, and that 2022 will also go great.

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So, I’m thinking of making a fanfiction that’s about my OC making a Farmer’s Union with all of the other farmers( Besides Sweet Apple Acres) and all of the shenanigans that come out of that, (Kind of basing the Union a little like the one Carrot Top makes in Carrot Top Season but it will have major differences). But for it to work the way I’m thinking I need an “antagonist group” and I was thinking of something like the Trust. So, I was hoping if I could borrow the General idea of it. Of course, it will have a lot of differences to yours so it's not plagiarism except basically what the Trust is and that Uncle Orange is a big part of it. That’s all I want to borrow; the rest will be completely different to your Story. So, do you think I can use the overall idea of The Trust?
If not, that’s completely fine, I’m just asking.

2310943 : Thanks for letting me know!

Hi! Just so you're aware, I did a review of your story "The Music of Ponyville." You can find it here.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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