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Bat Tag - Thistleroot · 3:12am Oct 27th, 2018

Decided to do that bat tag event on Equestria Daily, though I'm not a great artist and I used a base. It probably doesn't count, since it wasn't drawn from scratch, but meh, I had fun. Base was created by Immagoddampony on deviantart.

Alternate Title: I'm being adorable and you can't stop me!

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So, you gonna finish Harmonics soon? I found it and Discordant yesterday and they are AWESOME! :heart:

Comment posted by Alex Wadegrove deleted Mar 2nd, 2017

Oh man, did you delete As Twilight Fades? Oh man. Okay, I'm gonna take a deep breath and hope that you're doing a big round of revisions on it or something, but even the little bit you had up is so awesome that I hate to see it go. If it's cancelled, no shame in saying so and leaving it around for those of us who dug it; nobody's gonna slag on Eakin for dropping Always Has Been, but that's right there.

Look, I love your work, but I don't know what to say that's most likely to get you to continue it, or whether that's even an option for you right now. Even if you're done with ponyfic for good, I hope you'll at least consider leaving everything visible, so we can at least enjoy what was put out.

pls don't be kill

Did you die man? C'mon. Upon a Falling Feather is so great.

Hello? Anyone there? It's summer and I think that your classes are over, I think. Just want to know what's happening.

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